Friday, April 15, 2011

Boys will be boys!

It's a strange feeling not being involved in anything other than the planning, booking and securing times for the boys to have fun the 24 hours before the wedding!  Graham knew he wanted to get a hot shave (straight razor shave) with any of the boys that could make it on the Thursday, and then go golfing.  He knew that he wanted to wake up the morning of the wedding and have breakfast at Cora's, his favourite place for breakfast.  I did my part by booking times and researching places, and Dad was fantastic at capturing some of the memories so that I could look back on them later!  THANKS DAD!

I know us girls had a relaxed morning (for the most part) at my sister Jenn's house, but seeing these pictures, it looks like the boys were a little more relaxed!  The pictures prove that they spent their spare time playing "good old N64", as Graham likes to call it!

Thanks again Dad for capturing these moments for Graham to remember, but for me to feel like I didn't miss out on any memories as well!

That aftershave looks like it raelly hurt!

Scott sure looks relaxed and happy!

What a fun time for the boys Thursday!

Fast forward 24 hours and the boys were fed, well rested and getting ready for the big day!  They sure looked handsome once I finally got to see them, but looking at these photos, makes me think it would be nice to be a guy for a day...getting ready in 30 minutes or less, while playing Nintendo!


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