Monday, February 28, 2011

Dinner alone again, but at least this time, it was cooked!

Tonight I found myself having dinner alone again, as Graham was heading out for a few hours.  He was so wonderful about starting dinner for me, by blind baking the pizza dough and roasting some peppers for me.

I think tonight's pizza was delicious (I am known for making a pretty KILLER homemade pizza). It was a hummus, broccoli, roasted pepper and feta pizza! As I was alone, I also decided to reward myself after a longish day today, with one of my favourite truffles.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

This is what happens when you eat dinner alone...

Sometimes I find myself eating dinner alone, and while I love to cook, I HATE to cook for just myself.  It's boring, it's tedious and there is no one to sit down and share in it's deliciousness or unsuccessfulness. 

Sometimes this leads to homemade french fries and gravy, or popcorn, or cereal for breakfast and dinner, or sometimes whatever is quick and easy to pull out/make that is light enough to allow me to have a treat without having any guilt from someone who would rather me eat another apple and not another bowl of chips :)

Tonight's dinner, at least wasn't french fries and gravy...

Edamame and homemade Bruschetta!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A full day of love and being spoiled!

I am exhausted from being so spoiled and loved today, so I am going to blog by photos for today!

I started out the day at 7:45 with my hair trial, by the fantastic Laura Zandberg!  She was so encouraging with my short hair and that there was SO much I could do with it to make it "special wedding hair".  I walked away feeling so pretty and happy with it, although not used to so much POOF.  If I closed my eyes and pictured myself in my wedding dress, I loved it even more!

Next was breakfast with some of my friends from CAS, my old job.  It was so amazing to see them and catch up with them!  Two of the ladies brought their kids with them and it was so good to see how happy and healthy and big they're getting!  It was a good time to catch up, have great food (CRAB CAKE EGGS BENEDICT!!! HELLO!!!!!) and to just have some "girl" time with friends I haven't seen in ages!

Next was my make up trial with Anita Belanger.  It went so well, and I felt so happy.  I looked in the mirror when it was done and instantly could say, that I loved it and I looked JUST LIKE ME!  I felt so happy and so relieved and SOOOOOOOO glad that I went with someone else, who was so friendly, open and trustworthy!  I am looking forward to her being apart of how special us girls will feel on the big day!

This afternoon, I finished off the day with my family shower!  I felt so spoiled again, and was so excited to see those that could come out to join us!  I feel so blessed by those who brought us gifts and sent us gifts even if they can't make it!  Each one was hand picked with love, and although it is so overwhelming, and I couldn't express it in words, I felt so grateful and so thrilled to be having a small enough wedding that we know and spend time with each and every guest that is attending.  To have as much of my "girl" family members there as was possible, I felt supported and really happy that throughout the years, we have all been there to support one another in some way, shape or form!

So now we are home, and happy and tired.  I again, thank everyone for spoiling us and sharing in these special moments with us!  I loved every minute of it and that I shared it with so many people I love and cherish!

Showered with blessings!

Tonight, was my first shower.  It was thrown and attended by some of the most amazing, generous, kind ladies at Mom and Dad's church, the church I attended as a teenager, Ancaster Christian Reformed Church.
I felt so loved, so blessed and got to feel what it's like to be on the other end of feeling spoiled and overwhelmed with the people who care so much about you to share in the start of your married (or soon to be) life. 
I can't express in words the gratitude I have for everyone who attended and threw the shower for us.  Thank you for everything!  We can't wait to share our special day with you!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

You never know how much you miss someone till they're away!

This is going to be short and sweet, as I have the man of my dreams to spend the night with!  I have missed Graham so much this week, forget it, this month, as he has been away on business for almost 2 workday weeks out of this very short month.  He was gone 2 weeks ago for three days, was home for a week and then gone for 3 days again.  I hope he's home for awhile now, as things are getting CRAZY! 

Man, I miss having him to come home to or wake up to.  I miss having my best friend, my supporter, my love.  I hate how lonely it is.  I know some have it way worse, with the other halves being gone for weeks at a time, but with prepping for a move and to be a WIFE soon, it just feels that much worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honey, you're home and I am SO excited!  I saved all the truffles I hand selected for you!  Now THAT'S love!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My body, not me, has a love/hate relationship with chocolate.

Ahh, the annoying caffiene allergy, which in turn, REALLY limits my chocolate intake.  I am glad I don't like coffee, or I would have to ration that, just as I do chocolate.  The side effects are less than pleasant for me, with too much chocolate or caffiene leading to hives.  When I say hives, I mean, the big, gross ones that are a head to toe issue.

I seldom have chocolate, unless it's an amazing cookie (which I eat half and save the other for another day), a Reese's Peanut butter cup, or a REALLY good truffle/British piece of chocolate.

I have a FAVOURITE chocolate shop that I compare all chocolate truffles to.  It's hard to find anything like the style, variety or deliciousness that this chocolate shop has.  The's over 4,000 miles away in good ol' England.  There happens to be one in Boston, but again, too far.  Hotel Chocolat.  My goodness.  This is a shop filled entirely of chocolate.  The decadent kind.  Chocolate pasta, chocolate bars, chocolate truffles.  My favourite: pink champagne, or whiskey.  Oh man, my mouth is watering.  Who wouldn't die and go to heaven to walk into a shop of this calibur here!?!?!?!?

I have been on the hunt for good, unique chocolate since living in England, and not any have come close.  Tonight, however, I went out for tea with my best friend Dana, across from the Art Gallery, and the creperie had the most DELICIOUS chocolates.  I had the Earl Grey tea truffle, and it was delicious.  As Graham shares my same love for an amazing truffle, I decided to surprise him for when he gets back home tomorrow, by buying a few yummies!

Good thing I can't have another today, or there would be none left for him!

Rosemary and Black Pepper
Almond and Amaretto
Raki and Ouzo


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today was the start of roll up the rim!  Well, maybe yesterday was, but as I usually don't have a car, I never would have known when it started or if I would even get to participate. 

As Graham is in California for most of the week for work, I get the car!  I get excited when I get the car, not just because I can leave later, and get home earlier, but because I can stop in at Tim Horton's on my way to work.  I'm not the biggest fan of how their tea has been deteriorating over the last few years, but such is life, it's still cheaper than Starbucks or Second Cup.  Too bad, it's just not as good as it used to be anymore though.

Anyway, I was very excited to see Roll up the rim commercials yesterday, and made a specific comment to Graham that although it would be nice to "win big", I would be happy with just a "free coffee" (that I can redeem for tea), as I never win anything, nor really get to play anymore.

So this morning, I ventured off to Tim Horton's on my way to work.

and I just so happened to WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY for me!

Now, do I try out my luck the rest of the week since I have the car?

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Valentine's Do-over!

As Valentine's turned out to be a bit chaotic, and not what we expected...we decided for a do-over.  Well, Graham was having a do-over, and I was hoping to enjoy every minute of it!  I was not disappointed!!!!

I woke up this morning, ridiculously early for a day off (not a surprise, as 5:30 is now sleeping in for me lately), so I decided to bake some double chocolate chunk cinnamon heart cookies.  I was inspired by the cookie I had at Sweet Flour a couple of weeks back, but knew I needed to eat smaller ones, as the hives I got from that much chocolate, was an uncomfortable time for me.  They turned out great, and Graham decided he doesn't like cinnamon hearts, so BONUS for me!

I was sent back to bed after Graham leisurely woke up at 8:30, as he had breakfast planned for us!  It wasn't a surprise, as I was banned from the fridge since yesterday afternoon, but I had no idea what he had up his sleeve! 

Needless to say, 30 mins later, I heard the blender going and felt very confused as to what he was making for breakfast.  I didn't hear the oven go on, or anything crackling on the stove.  He came in when everything was ready and asked me to come out.  I came out to this...YUMMY!

Smoked salmon for bagels with whipped cream cheese, capers, dill, pepper, salt, and lemons.  With blackberry and raspberry yogurt smoothies.

I want days off, and holiday re-dos more often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I told him, he'd regret it :)

This post today, really needs few words.  Graham knows that nothing is off limits to inspiring my daily photos for my blogging purposes.  Unfortunately, I don't think he realized this meant, photographing HIM for blogging purposes, even when he is just relaxing around the house... HA!

He says, he was soaking in some Vitamin D, as this winter has been cold, and the sun is shining in our condo this morning, making him "hot".


The "I hate you face" AKA the "you better not be blogging these face".

I love my handsome man!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Exploring our new town!

Today, we went to the new house to take measurements, more pictures and to explore the local area.

It was a productive morning!

Graham took me to the local Pier/Port where he and his co-workers sometimes go out for lunch.  I had no idea a place like he took me to, existed in Pickering, and it made me so excited for the summer.  It felt so much like Florida with the beach style houses, the main street at the Port filled with boutique shops and cafes, and at the end of the Port, a beach and a gorgeous restaurant, with a patio over the bay.  It was gorgeous.

I can't wait for summer!

The street filled with cafes along the beach!

A sample of the food served at the Port

The patio and a view of the Port from the marina!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A lesson in Customer Service...

I am a BIG fan of customer service.  If you give good service, you get happy customers.  If you have happy customers, they spend more time in your store, buying your product.  Bad customer service makes people angry, impatient, and feeling like they want to get in and out of a store as quickly as possible and never return.

I'd love to say this post is about good customer service today, but it's not. 

I had the pleasure (Uh, no) of dealing with Sears customer service, specifically, the registry department 3 times in the last 2 days. 1 because most of our registry was made only available in catalogue.  1 because a whole bunch of our stuff was discontinued.  And 1 because the lady on the phone DELETED a whole bunch of stuff that she couldn't figure out how to get back!  Argh.

Tonight Graham was very supportive in helping me get back to Sears and walking around with me to sort things out.  Gratefully, we did this in record time, as we knew what we needed to fix and what we didn't need anymore.

You'd think after we were done, we'd be able to close it off, get it easily printed and then walk out to enjoy the rest of our night.  Instead, the registry lady left, no one knew how to help us, and we ended up calling for a manager that got us 4 out of our 5 printed pages, as one was missing and she didn't know why.  WHATEVER!  ARGH!

So, we are done.  For sure.  I can't do it again.  I am so grateful to those throwing me a shower and attending a shower, as I really just want to spend time with those I love.  I am a card girl.  The card and the words inside it are what mean the most to me.  I can honestly tell you the words in the most meaningful cards I have ever gotten, but totally forget the gift that came with it.  I have cards dating back to high school (some that will come out in my speech at the wedding), that are both hilarious, and so extremely heartfelt and memorable.

To me, it's about the people.  The card.  The words.  The attitude.  The same things that could be used in customer service.

Thanks Sears, for a waste of a lot of time over the last few months.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I should have worn boots today!

Today might have been a good day to wear my hunter rain boots! For some reason, I wore trainers...trainers that happen to have MANY breathable holes and patches in them! Genius!

4 hours of being creative while walking around, on snow banks and heel to toe through light puddles was a challenge, but fun. More fun would have been had should I have had boots. I made it almost back to Cayenne's with dry shoes, until...

A bus drove by me and soaked me, throwing a big puddle at my feet. Thanks! At least it was at the end of the walk! Will make for a nasty way home though.

Tomorrow, BOOTS!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm just going to pretend that SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

Can I tell you how exhausting it is to pack up myself, a diaper bag full of EVERYTHING and two kids who need snow pants, boots, hats, mitts, coats, a new diaper change as soon as they are fully dressed and then get hungry two minutes later?

As exhausting as that is, it is so worth it once we are out of the house and enjoying some outdoor time (even if it is -20 some days and windy as can be).  It is both a sanity check for myself and a change of environment for the kids.

Many days, we see the sun beaming outside and are desperate to go out, but some days, it's just too windy and too cold.  That kind of cold where the second we get walking, Cole and Cayenne put their arms up to their face to block the wind and just start crying.  Those are hard days when it took so much effort to get outside, only to turn around in no time flat.

Today, however, the sun was beaming, and although there would be the occasional black cloud, I was desperate to get the kids outside.  So we bundled up and I got them one-by-one into the stroller, to start walking with a realization that I wasn't just sweating because of the work it takes to get outside, but was still sweating, because it was warm enough that it was taking longer to cool off!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning we had a 2 hour walk.   It was GLORIOUS to see so many smiling, happy people walking outside.  It was even more glorious to spend those entire 2 hours without a hat, my hoodie hood, and my jacket hood on while sporting 2 pairs of mittens.  I walked the entire 2 hours with NOTHING on my head or hands.  It felt like Spring, and I sure as heck had a spring in my step because of it!

Thank you FEBRUARY for today.  Thank you God for today.  It was a long day, and I sure needed that breath of FRESH air.   We all needed it so much, we went for a second 2 hour walk this afternoon.  Tonight, as I sit at home, I know I enjoyed it, however, my body knows I overdid it.  Pushing 60lbs for 4 hours today, every inch of my body is aching...every inch, except my content heart!

The icing on the cake, was seeing the flower market stalls with their spring pride looking so beautiful today!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everything Changes.

This is such a funny post title to Graham and myself, as the motto for our lives, and especially the wedding planning and days leading up to the wedding, have proven this statement to be so incredibly true.

We picked a June wedding of this coming year, but that changed and the wedding was put on hold due to things at Graham's work last summer.  Then, when everything was back on the go, our venue ended up not working out, as we had to plan every minute detail (glass rental, bartenders, table rentals, minister, decor, a million and 1 contacts to sort through).  We were left to find somewhere just as unique and beautiful, but hopefully with half the price tag of a Toronto wedding.  We then found the Mill would work, but only if we married before May 1st.  No problem.

We then chose colours for the girls and guys, which was changed because after Graham, his Mum and I spent 4 hours at tux shops, there was NOTHING Graham even remotely liked.  This led to him changing the colour for the boys and picking out ties the NIGHT before we were due to go dress shopping.  Dress shopping in the States for dresses that the colour was now the colour of the boys apparel.  So, I felt stressed, went to the States with the girls, and wound up choosing a dress, and style that I love (and they said they did too, which I hope they still do), that wasn't even CLOSE to what we were originally thinking.

So where does this leave us today...???

Well, we figured that not enough was changing with everything that's already happened, with a wedding to keep planning, with guests flying in from literally ALL OVER THE WORLD, so we decided to throw MOVING on top of that!

Yup!  We are very happy, albeit anxious as well, due to me needing to find another job after April 1st, a thought that is so sad for me, as I have fallen in love with Cole and Cayenne, and they with me, so much, it hurts to think about not watching them grow, or learn or laugh with them on a daily basis anymore.

Graham and I will be living in our first home together!  Not an apartment, or a condo, or a room in a shared house, but a whole house ALL TO OUR MARRIED SELVES.  It was fast, and we didn't expect to move until at least mid summer, and more than likely to somewhere still in Toronto, but we fell in love with it!  It's in Pickering, 3 minutes from Graham's work, and although it looks small from the outside, it's a back split, and it's storage space alone, has enough room to fit everything we own, plus more!  Unbelievable!  It's 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath and 2 half baths and has a great backyard as well!

The packers come March 31st in the morning, and we move April 1st.  As Graham is taking so much time off for the wedding for the honeymoon, and his family flying in early, I will be doing the move with the movers, alone.  Phew.  I can do it.  I have to keep telling myself that.  At least, when it's all dumped into the right room, I can keel over and wait for Graham to get home 3 minutes after finishing work and help me unpack...4 days before our first guest arrives TO STAY WITH US.

So, here's a little eye candy!  We are thrilled to have more storage, more space for having dinner parties, for sleepovers that can be in their own room and their own real bed (not an air mattress) and for having a kitchen with enough cupboard space to store all of my baking tools and allow me to have room to be creative again. Oh, and I can't forget an actual workshop downstairs for Graham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our Front yard and car park

Another shot from a different angle.  It obviously doesn't look like this right now, as it is covered in multiple feet of snow.

The kitchen!  I am dying to see how much of this cupboard space is going to be used, or left open. I can only imagine the cinnamon rolls, the cupcakes, the bread, the homemade pizza dough, the pasta that will be lovingly rolled out on these counters, only to be consumed by myself and Graham, unless visitors decide to join us!

Our livingroom/diningroom area.  We will be using the livingroom space for a "sitting room" as they call it in England, as we have a finished basement that we will be using for our TV/lounge area.

The master bedroom!  Why they showed the house with the furniture on angles, is beyond me, but it is actually a gorgeous space, and nicely painted.  The only room we are going to repaint, is the spare room.  It's a HIDEOUS shade of poo/orange.  See.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I LOVE Valentine's Day!!!!

Too bad Graham tends to forget how much I love it! For me, it's a day where I can make him feel extra loved, although I don't need a special occasion to do that!

I love the cinnamon hearts, the conversation hearts and just the glow on a woman's face walking home, spoiled and knowing someone's made her feel special today!

There's this bakery on Bloor Street called Bread & Roses. They have the most to die for muffins (the raspberry and banana with more raspberries than muffin) and chocolate macaroons!!! Graham and I at times, treat ourselves to these...well, I treat him, as I pick them up on my way home from work.

I blame my bosses for my addiction to these, that takes much resistance not to consume one daily!

Today, I walked in wanting to bring a special treat home for us for after dinner. Much to my giddy screech, they had made them into hearts, covered an edge with chocolate and decorated them with love!

Can't wait to tuck into these tonight! I wonder if Graham will have picked up the last card available after my giant card this morning and his new GPS?

I came home and had a nice gift and card waiting for me.  Not the romantic dinner I was hoping for, but a great present, none the less!  At least my hunny got to relax while I cooked him a nice Valentine's dinner.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Isn't Valentine's Day BEFORE Easter?

I was out today window shopping for something for the girls for the wedding (I like to window shop and find it very relaxing.  It also allows me to get some exercise indoors, when it's cold and windy.  I'm not a big shopper usually, unless it involves shoes, house stuff or buying gifts for other people.  I HATE clothes shopping with a passion, especially when you NEED to get something for a specific event or day.

While I was window shopping, I saw this:

Are you kidding me?????????????????????????  Valentine's stuff was right across from it, which made me stand there, confused, wondering why stores are allowed to do this kind of stuff...Easter is 70 days away, 9 days after our wedding.  I know time is going to fly by, but seriously, THIS EARLY?!?!?!!?

I continued to walk down the aisle, only to see this!  I just about died laughing, as I haven't seen these since my insomnia was at it's worst and I passed the time by with infomercials!  What's worse, is that last week, on the Subway, I saw someone spend 15 mins in the window on the subway door trying to get her "Snookie" bumpit to look "perfect and not ridiculous", as she put it.  Honey, I am pretty sure, that the only way for that to happen, would be to not use this "accessory" at all!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wedding stuff galore!

Wow! What a whirlwind of a weekend.  Last night I had my dress fitting, and it went so much better than I had hoped!!!!!!!

Today we woke up early, after sleeping at Mom and Dad's (THANK YOU!), and met our photographer, Carolyn Bentum at Second Cup in Ancaster.  We wanted to make a plan for what the day would sort of look like, an estimate of how long we needed for photos before, during and after the ceremony and to figure out who needed to be where and when.  It was GREAT to see Carolyn again and it made me feel really excited to be getting so close, little details are now being planned...I LIVE FOR LITTLE DETAILS.

We went from there to meet our "cake ladies", Marietta and Lola, or Enticing icings/Piece of Cake.  We are so excited for our cake, as I am not a big cake eater (actually, usually, I hate cake) and Graham is not a big fan of "North American style cake".  We loved their Peruvian touch on their cake flavours, icing ideas and cake moistness.  SOOOOO excited!  Yum, I kind of wish I could have more of their cake again before the big day!

We then went on to get haircuts.  This is my last "before the big day" haircut and colour and I was happy that my hair had been repaired enough to go back to Platinum Blonde and be ready for highlights by the wedding. It's a bit too short in the back, which makes me nervous for my hair trial in 2 weeks, but it will grow out in time for the wedding, and I'll just make sure she understands that I wanted my hairline shorter, not the ENTIRE back of my head.

After that, we crammed in some lunch, and actually had the BEST sandwiches we have had in a long time, at Fortinos.  When we lived in Hamilton, we used to love going there for fresh sandwiches!  It was so nice to have something remotely healthy to eat in the 30 min window we had before our next meeting.

Then for the final meeting!!!  We had our run through meeting at the Mill to discuss what we would like our floor plan to look like, and whether we wanted round, rectangle or a mix of both tables.  It was encouraging to know that we can have some 10-14 person tables, which really allows for some people that would have WAY too much fun together, not to be separated!!!  YAY!  Now if only we can figure out our numbers better (which will come in time, as people still have lots of time to reply), so that I can do seating charts as soon as possible, as I would LOVE to have mostly everything done before our first guests arrive from England on April 7th!

The Mill was set up for a wedding in the room we will have our reception and it made me SO excited!  I had never seen it set up before and it really helped me to picture our day a little better.  It also made me realize we need to change our centerpieces ENTIRELY to fit the tables better, as our original idea will not work now.  A little extra stress, but nothing I can't figure out in the next 8 weeks!

We saw the room where our wedding would be should it SNOW on our wedding day.  That and cold weather, would be the only things deterring us from an outdoor wedding.  Yes, we are getting married outside even if it's raining, so bring an umbrella...:)  It is nice to know that for now, unless something else is booked in the back-up room at the Mill, our reception room doesn't have to be flipped from Ceremony to reception in an hour.  I know they could do it easily if they had to, but the ability to de-stress about where it would be, would be a bonus!

So here are some pictures of what it looked like today.  Our centerpieces and tables and covers will look totally different, but it is exciting none the less!

Wow, what a day!!!

This is the bridal suite for us girls to get ready in...

This is where we would get married should weather be terrible...

This is the recption room, which will look totally different, but still beautiful!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dress fitting!!!

As I can't post a photo of my dress, here is the shop, I had my fitting at! They are highly recommend them!
It was so fun to have my sister, kathryn and mom there and really made it all feel so real!!!!
Only 62 more days to go! Not a single alteration needed, so under budget again!!!!!! Yay! I am going to stay true to myself being under budget for most things afterall!
Thanks ladies, you made my night!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I was supposed to be relaxing tonight. Guess I spoke too soon.

Well, I did have a post tonight dedicated to my sister, as my blow dryer, after 10 years finally died, which she would have been thrilled to hear.  I guess I will leave that for another day.

On top of that, I was hoping to relax and have a takeaway curry while watching Grey's tonight...but nope.

I got home, after a very long day, to have my entire windshield smashed and cracked, needing an emergency service to come out and replace it tonight or tomorrow morning so I can head to Hamilton for my dress fitting tomorrow and our other 4 app'ts for wedding stuff Sat.  Perfect timing.  Great.  Thanks.  Karma, maybe? 

I guess it could have been worse.  It could have smashed in and I would have been sitting in a pile of glass, or had some imbedded into me somewhere, or worse, I guess.  I am praying that it is just the windshield when they come to fix it and not the windshield, the frame and/or anything else.

I guess when it's not one thing, it's another.  My sore throat, VERY sore back from walking with a kid or two attached to me ALL DAY, are so thankful that this is how my day ended.

Why do things like this always happen when Graham's away?

Today sucks.  Good thing tomorrow's another day.

Knowing my luck, my takeaway curry would get here just before autoglass calls to say they are on their way.  But it didn't.  At least I got to sit down to a DELISH dinner (with leftovers!), before anyone called.  Now if only they would come before Grey's or tomorrow morning bright and early...but I'm not counting on any other good luck today!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An early morning date.

It's very rare that I get to have a morning date, let alone such a fun, morning date! 

Cole was off at an appointment this morning, so it was just Cayenne and myself.  Breakfast wasn't so successful, so we bundled up and went for a walk, stopping in at Tim Horton's to warm up!  Man, it was COLD this morning!

When we arrived at Timmy's, I had never seen Cayenne so excited!!!!!!!!!!  I ordered us some chocolate timbits and an apple juice, hoping she would LOVE the treat!  She's not a juice fan, or at least I didn't think so, until I gave her a straw in it and away she went, drinking almost the whole thing! She was so cute eating her Timbits, that the ladies kept wanting to give her more, until I told them that I would bring her back there if she was too hyper to nap! They just thought she was so cute, and loved her reactions everytime she took a bite!

So thanks Cayenne, for my early morning date!  It was a true pleasure to see you enjoying every minute of it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crown Jewels. BAHAHA!

Now, I have seen some ridiculous things in my life so far, and I am sure I will see more.  This time, I think they have gone WAY over the top.  I just about DIED laughing when I realized the paper articled this and that this is for real, you can buy them online and in "specialty" stores and they come with a VERY small disclaimer.

I can only wonder how many people will sue after using one of these products and it doesn't prove to be successful at protecting them.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there are Crown Jewel Condoms up for sale around the world!  Their disclaimer is that these are for souvenir usage only and should not be used as a method of birth control.  How many "mistakes" are going to happen that will have Prince William and Kate written ALL OVER IT.

UNBELIEVABLE!  Man, England should be proud of this!  How does the royal palace even condone advertising on this!

Enjoy.  And if you happen to find one of these for sale, buy me one, just so I can bring it out at the times when Graham says that Canadians are sad at the way they defend or market their country.  I'm sure that I'll have him beat everytime!