Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ultimate Relaxation.

Who knew that after today's DISGUSTING budget review and expenditure review (rent/groceries and gas- our entertainment budget is substantially lower than we ever expected, makes me think we have no social life!) with Graham, I would be even more thankful for the pedicure that I had this afternoon.  1 hour of pure bliss; aware that I would be sitting down with him tonight to do this, aware that I knew in my head how much we spend every week on groceries (as I do it all), and aware that Graham would be shocked back to SERIOUS REALITY.

I am sitting here, trying to blog about my relaxing hour at the nail salon (read: Asian nail salon, as I love them, their prices and the amazing job they do!), but I can't even concentrate, or get rid of my heartburn, or my anxiety. 

Maybe this post should be retitled and have a new photograph, one which better suits my mood at the moment, but for now, I will try to focus on enjoyment.  A treat I allow myself to have, as I am on my feet all day with the kids, sometimes walking for 1-3 hours a day with them, all while managing my arthritis and bad back because of this.

Not only do I enjoy this 1 long treatment once every couple months, but I usually go with a chocolate bar or some snack, and an oh-so-classy OK!, People or In Touch magazine.  You can try to make fun,'s my thing.  I love them, and it's usually the only occasion I buy them for.

So, here I am, enjoying one of my favourite things to do.  I am truly thankful for SOMETHING in Toronto that's cheaper than in most places I have lived.

Now, as I am shocked back to real life, I am making myself a hot toddy and going to shoot some tanks on the Wii to make myself sleep happy dreams tonight (hopefully).


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