Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everything Changes.

This is such a funny post title to Graham and myself, as the motto for our lives, and especially the wedding planning and days leading up to the wedding, have proven this statement to be so incredibly true.

We picked a June wedding of this coming year, but that changed and the wedding was put on hold due to things at Graham's work last summer.  Then, when everything was back on the go, our venue ended up not working out, as we had to plan every minute detail (glass rental, bartenders, table rentals, minister, decor, a million and 1 contacts to sort through).  We were left to find somewhere just as unique and beautiful, but hopefully with half the price tag of a Toronto wedding.  We then found the Mill would work, but only if we married before May 1st.  No problem.

We then chose colours for the girls and guys, which was changed because after Graham, his Mum and I spent 4 hours at tux shops, there was NOTHING Graham even remotely liked.  This led to him changing the colour for the boys and picking out ties the NIGHT before we were due to go dress shopping.  Dress shopping in the States for dresses that the colour was now the colour of the boys apparel.  So, I felt stressed, went to the States with the girls, and wound up choosing a dress, and style that I love (and they said they did too, which I hope they still do), that wasn't even CLOSE to what we were originally thinking.

So where does this leave us today...???

Well, we figured that not enough was changing with everything that's already happened, with a wedding to keep planning, with guests flying in from literally ALL OVER THE WORLD, so we decided to throw MOVING on top of that!

Yup!  We are very happy, albeit anxious as well, due to me needing to find another job after April 1st, a thought that is so sad for me, as I have fallen in love with Cole and Cayenne, and they with me, so much, it hurts to think about not watching them grow, or learn or laugh with them on a daily basis anymore.

Graham and I will be living in our first home together!  Not an apartment, or a condo, or a room in a shared house, but a whole house ALL TO OUR MARRIED SELVES.  It was fast, and we didn't expect to move until at least mid summer, and more than likely to somewhere still in Toronto, but we fell in love with it!  It's in Pickering, 3 minutes from Graham's work, and although it looks small from the outside, it's a back split, and it's storage space alone, has enough room to fit everything we own, plus more!  Unbelievable!  It's 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath and 2 half baths and has a great backyard as well!

The packers come March 31st in the morning, and we move April 1st.  As Graham is taking so much time off for the wedding for the honeymoon, and his family flying in early, I will be doing the move with the movers, alone.  Phew.  I can do it.  I have to keep telling myself that.  At least, when it's all dumped into the right room, I can keel over and wait for Graham to get home 3 minutes after finishing work and help me unpack...4 days before our first guest arrives TO STAY WITH US.

So, here's a little eye candy!  We are thrilled to have more storage, more space for having dinner parties, for sleepovers that can be in their own room and their own real bed (not an air mattress) and for having a kitchen with enough cupboard space to store all of my baking tools and allow me to have room to be creative again. Oh, and I can't forget an actual workshop downstairs for Graham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our Front yard and car park

Another shot from a different angle.  It obviously doesn't look like this right now, as it is covered in multiple feet of snow.

The kitchen!  I am dying to see how much of this cupboard space is going to be used, or left open. I can only imagine the cinnamon rolls, the cupcakes, the bread, the homemade pizza dough, the pasta that will be lovingly rolled out on these counters, only to be consumed by myself and Graham, unless visitors decide to join us!

Our livingroom/diningroom area.  We will be using the livingroom space for a "sitting room" as they call it in England, as we have a finished basement that we will be using for our TV/lounge area.

The master bedroom!  Why they showed the house with the furniture on angles, is beyond me, but it is actually a gorgeous space, and nicely painted.  The only room we are going to repaint, is the spare room.  It's a HIDEOUS shade of poo/orange.  See.


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