Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My body, not me, has a love/hate relationship with chocolate.

Ahh, the annoying caffiene allergy, which in turn, REALLY limits my chocolate intake.  I am glad I don't like coffee, or I would have to ration that, just as I do chocolate.  The side effects are less than pleasant for me, with too much chocolate or caffiene leading to hives.  When I say hives, I mean, the big, gross ones that are a head to toe issue.

I seldom have chocolate, unless it's an amazing cookie (which I eat half and save the other for another day), a Reese's Peanut butter cup, or a REALLY good truffle/British piece of chocolate.

I have a FAVOURITE chocolate shop that I compare all chocolate truffles to.  It's hard to find anything like the style, variety or deliciousness that this chocolate shop has.  The's over 4,000 miles away in good ol' England.  There happens to be one in Boston, but again, too far.  Hotel Chocolat.  My goodness.  This is a shop filled entirely of chocolate.  The decadent kind.  Chocolate pasta, chocolate bars, chocolate truffles.  My favourite: pink champagne, or whiskey.  Oh man, my mouth is watering.  Who wouldn't die and go to heaven to walk into a shop of this calibur here!?!?!?!?

I have been on the hunt for good, unique chocolate since living in England, and not any have come close.  Tonight, however, I went out for tea with my best friend Dana, across from the Art Gallery, and the creperie had the most DELICIOUS chocolates.  I had the Earl Grey tea truffle, and it was delicious.  As Graham shares my same love for an amazing truffle, I decided to surprise him for when he gets back home tomorrow, by buying a few yummies!

Good thing I can't have another today, or there would be none left for him!

Rosemary and Black Pepper
Almond and Amaretto
Raki and Ouzo



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