Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm just going to pretend that SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

Can I tell you how exhausting it is to pack up myself, a diaper bag full of EVERYTHING and two kids who need snow pants, boots, hats, mitts, coats, a new diaper change as soon as they are fully dressed and then get hungry two minutes later?

As exhausting as that is, it is so worth it once we are out of the house and enjoying some outdoor time (even if it is -20 some days and windy as can be).  It is both a sanity check for myself and a change of environment for the kids.

Many days, we see the sun beaming outside and are desperate to go out, but some days, it's just too windy and too cold.  That kind of cold where the second we get walking, Cole and Cayenne put their arms up to their face to block the wind and just start crying.  Those are hard days when it took so much effort to get outside, only to turn around in no time flat.

Today, however, the sun was beaming, and although there would be the occasional black cloud, I was desperate to get the kids outside.  So we bundled up and I got them one-by-one into the stroller, to start walking with a realization that I wasn't just sweating because of the work it takes to get outside, but was still sweating, because it was warm enough that it was taking longer to cool off!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning we had a 2 hour walk.   It was GLORIOUS to see so many smiling, happy people walking outside.  It was even more glorious to spend those entire 2 hours without a hat, my hoodie hood, and my jacket hood on while sporting 2 pairs of mittens.  I walked the entire 2 hours with NOTHING on my head or hands.  It felt like Spring, and I sure as heck had a spring in my step because of it!

Thank you FEBRUARY for today.  Thank you God for today.  It was a long day, and I sure needed that breath of FRESH air.   We all needed it so much, we went for a second 2 hour walk this afternoon.  Tonight, as I sit at home, I know I enjoyed it, however, my body knows I overdid it.  Pushing 60lbs for 4 hours today, every inch of my body is aching...every inch, except my content heart!

The icing on the cake, was seeing the flower market stalls with their spring pride looking so beautiful today!


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