Saturday, February 26, 2011

A full day of love and being spoiled!

I am exhausted from being so spoiled and loved today, so I am going to blog by photos for today!

I started out the day at 7:45 with my hair trial, by the fantastic Laura Zandberg!  She was so encouraging with my short hair and that there was SO much I could do with it to make it "special wedding hair".  I walked away feeling so pretty and happy with it, although not used to so much POOF.  If I closed my eyes and pictured myself in my wedding dress, I loved it even more!

Next was breakfast with some of my friends from CAS, my old job.  It was so amazing to see them and catch up with them!  Two of the ladies brought their kids with them and it was so good to see how happy and healthy and big they're getting!  It was a good time to catch up, have great food (CRAB CAKE EGGS BENEDICT!!! HELLO!!!!!) and to just have some "girl" time with friends I haven't seen in ages!

Next was my make up trial with Anita Belanger.  It went so well, and I felt so happy.  I looked in the mirror when it was done and instantly could say, that I loved it and I looked JUST LIKE ME!  I felt so happy and so relieved and SOOOOOOOO glad that I went with someone else, who was so friendly, open and trustworthy!  I am looking forward to her being apart of how special us girls will feel on the big day!

This afternoon, I finished off the day with my family shower!  I felt so spoiled again, and was so excited to see those that could come out to join us!  I feel so blessed by those who brought us gifts and sent us gifts even if they can't make it!  Each one was hand picked with love, and although it is so overwhelming, and I couldn't express it in words, I felt so grateful and so thrilled to be having a small enough wedding that we know and spend time with each and every guest that is attending.  To have as much of my "girl" family members there as was possible, I felt supported and really happy that throughout the years, we have all been there to support one another in some way, shape or form!

So now we are home, and happy and tired.  I again, thank everyone for spoiling us and sharing in these special moments with us!  I loved every minute of it and that I shared it with so many people I love and cherish!


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