Friday, February 18, 2011

A lesson in Customer Service...

I am a BIG fan of customer service.  If you give good service, you get happy customers.  If you have happy customers, they spend more time in your store, buying your product.  Bad customer service makes people angry, impatient, and feeling like they want to get in and out of a store as quickly as possible and never return.

I'd love to say this post is about good customer service today, but it's not. 

I had the pleasure (Uh, no) of dealing with Sears customer service, specifically, the registry department 3 times in the last 2 days. 1 because most of our registry was made only available in catalogue.  1 because a whole bunch of our stuff was discontinued.  And 1 because the lady on the phone DELETED a whole bunch of stuff that she couldn't figure out how to get back!  Argh.

Tonight Graham was very supportive in helping me get back to Sears and walking around with me to sort things out.  Gratefully, we did this in record time, as we knew what we needed to fix and what we didn't need anymore.

You'd think after we were done, we'd be able to close it off, get it easily printed and then walk out to enjoy the rest of our night.  Instead, the registry lady left, no one knew how to help us, and we ended up calling for a manager that got us 4 out of our 5 printed pages, as one was missing and she didn't know why.  WHATEVER!  ARGH!

So, we are done.  For sure.  I can't do it again.  I am so grateful to those throwing me a shower and attending a shower, as I really just want to spend time with those I love.  I am a card girl.  The card and the words inside it are what mean the most to me.  I can honestly tell you the words in the most meaningful cards I have ever gotten, but totally forget the gift that came with it.  I have cards dating back to high school (some that will come out in my speech at the wedding), that are both hilarious, and so extremely heartfelt and memorable.

To me, it's about the people.  The card.  The words.  The attitude.  The same things that could be used in customer service.

Thanks Sears, for a waste of a lot of time over the last few months.


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