Thursday, February 10, 2011

I was supposed to be relaxing tonight. Guess I spoke too soon.

Well, I did have a post tonight dedicated to my sister, as my blow dryer, after 10 years finally died, which she would have been thrilled to hear.  I guess I will leave that for another day.

On top of that, I was hoping to relax and have a takeaway curry while watching Grey's tonight...but nope.

I got home, after a very long day, to have my entire windshield smashed and cracked, needing an emergency service to come out and replace it tonight or tomorrow morning so I can head to Hamilton for my dress fitting tomorrow and our other 4 app'ts for wedding stuff Sat.  Perfect timing.  Great.  Thanks.  Karma, maybe? 

I guess it could have been worse.  It could have smashed in and I would have been sitting in a pile of glass, or had some imbedded into me somewhere, or worse, I guess.  I am praying that it is just the windshield when they come to fix it and not the windshield, the frame and/or anything else.

I guess when it's not one thing, it's another.  My sore throat, VERY sore back from walking with a kid or two attached to me ALL DAY, are so thankful that this is how my day ended.

Why do things like this always happen when Graham's away?

Today sucks.  Good thing tomorrow's another day.

Knowing my luck, my takeaway curry would get here just before autoglass calls to say they are on their way.  But it didn't.  At least I got to sit down to a DELISH dinner (with leftovers!), before anyone called.  Now if only they would come before Grey's or tomorrow morning bright and early...but I'm not counting on any other good luck today!


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