Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wedding stuff galore!

Wow! What a whirlwind of a weekend.  Last night I had my dress fitting, and it went so much better than I had hoped!!!!!!!

Today we woke up early, after sleeping at Mom and Dad's (THANK YOU!), and met our photographer, Carolyn Bentum at Second Cup in Ancaster.  We wanted to make a plan for what the day would sort of look like, an estimate of how long we needed for photos before, during and after the ceremony and to figure out who needed to be where and when.  It was GREAT to see Carolyn again and it made me feel really excited to be getting so close, little details are now being planned...I LIVE FOR LITTLE DETAILS.

We went from there to meet our "cake ladies", Marietta and Lola, or Enticing icings/Piece of Cake.  We are so excited for our cake, as I am not a big cake eater (actually, usually, I hate cake) and Graham is not a big fan of "North American style cake".  We loved their Peruvian touch on their cake flavours, icing ideas and cake moistness.  SOOOOO excited!  Yum, I kind of wish I could have more of their cake again before the big day!

We then went on to get haircuts.  This is my last "before the big day" haircut and colour and I was happy that my hair had been repaired enough to go back to Platinum Blonde and be ready for highlights by the wedding. It's a bit too short in the back, which makes me nervous for my hair trial in 2 weeks, but it will grow out in time for the wedding, and I'll just make sure she understands that I wanted my hairline shorter, not the ENTIRE back of my head.

After that, we crammed in some lunch, and actually had the BEST sandwiches we have had in a long time, at Fortinos.  When we lived in Hamilton, we used to love going there for fresh sandwiches!  It was so nice to have something remotely healthy to eat in the 30 min window we had before our next meeting.

Then for the final meeting!!!  We had our run through meeting at the Mill to discuss what we would like our floor plan to look like, and whether we wanted round, rectangle or a mix of both tables.  It was encouraging to know that we can have some 10-14 person tables, which really allows for some people that would have WAY too much fun together, not to be separated!!!  YAY!  Now if only we can figure out our numbers better (which will come in time, as people still have lots of time to reply), so that I can do seating charts as soon as possible, as I would LOVE to have mostly everything done before our first guests arrive from England on April 7th!

The Mill was set up for a wedding in the room we will have our reception and it made me SO excited!  I had never seen it set up before and it really helped me to picture our day a little better.  It also made me realize we need to change our centerpieces ENTIRELY to fit the tables better, as our original idea will not work now.  A little extra stress, but nothing I can't figure out in the next 8 weeks!

We saw the room where our wedding would be should it SNOW on our wedding day.  That and cold weather, would be the only things deterring us from an outdoor wedding.  Yes, we are getting married outside even if it's raining, so bring an umbrella...:)  It is nice to know that for now, unless something else is booked in the back-up room at the Mill, our reception room doesn't have to be flipped from Ceremony to reception in an hour.  I know they could do it easily if they had to, but the ability to de-stress about where it would be, would be a bonus!

So here are some pictures of what it looked like today.  Our centerpieces and tables and covers will look totally different, but it is exciting none the less!

Wow, what a day!!!

This is the bridal suite for us girls to get ready in...

This is where we would get married should weather be terrible...

This is the recption room, which will look totally different, but still beautiful!



so fun! wish I was photographing your big day!

Lee-Anne and Graham

Thanks Shan! I dreamed of the day you could take our photos... :) I wish you lived closer so that this could have happened!!

Maybe one day when we are close to San Fran, we can just get together to do some photos for fun!

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