Sunday, February 13, 2011

Isn't Valentine's Day BEFORE Easter?

I was out today window shopping for something for the girls for the wedding (I like to window shop and find it very relaxing.  It also allows me to get some exercise indoors, when it's cold and windy.  I'm not a big shopper usually, unless it involves shoes, house stuff or buying gifts for other people.  I HATE clothes shopping with a passion, especially when you NEED to get something for a specific event or day.

While I was window shopping, I saw this:

Are you kidding me?????????????????????????  Valentine's stuff was right across from it, which made me stand there, confused, wondering why stores are allowed to do this kind of stuff...Easter is 70 days away, 9 days after our wedding.  I know time is going to fly by, but seriously, THIS EARLY?!?!?!!?

I continued to walk down the aisle, only to see this!  I just about died laughing, as I haven't seen these since my insomnia was at it's worst and I passed the time by with infomercials!  What's worse, is that last week, on the Subway, I saw someone spend 15 mins in the window on the subway door trying to get her "Snookie" bumpit to look "perfect and not ridiculous", as she put it.  Honey, I am pretty sure, that the only way for that to happen, would be to not use this "accessory" at all!


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