Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet escapes.

Today was a good treat day.

I got off the subway, to walk to work and thought I'd have to suck it up and get a tea from the horrible coffee shop near the one house that I work at.

Instead, I got a pleasant surprise of a new cafe that opened!!! Not only did I see some amazing pastries come out of the oven, but they had one of my favourite teas. I told the owners it's about time something decent opened here and told them I would pass on many good words! They asked me what time they should open, as they're new and I replied with: "7 is perfect, not just because I can stop in before work, but the other shop is busy then, so you could steal their business!" ha!

You'd think that'd be ebough to make my day, until I took the kids for a walk and we stopped in at Sweet Flour. OH MY GOODNESS I love this place! They make your fresh, custom cookie to order with a choice of 20 fixins!!! I had the non dairy chocolate, as Cole's allergic, with cinnamon hearts!!! As non dairy chocolate doesn't have caffeine in it, I was thrilled to see it on a menu! That and cinnamon hearts are my fave!!!

So, if you're ever near a Sweet Flour, stop in and enjoy your favourite hot out of the oven creation! They're melt in your mouth delicious!


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