Thursday, April 14, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun!

As girls, we have  a lot more primping to do in order to get ready for such a momentus occasion!  Sometimes, I feel it's just an excuse to relax (much needed after so much planning and chaos) and get together with your most important girls/ladies involved with the wedding.

This afternoon, we all went to the spa!  It was a great experience, and we all had many laughs, ate great snacks everyone brought and talked about how much fun the next 24-36 hours were going to be.  I REALLY enjoyed being able to surprise the girls with this being a treat from Graham and I, which seemed to make it that much more relaxing for everyone (I hope in the end anyway!).  Everyone has been such a HUGE help/support with the wedding, so it was very important for us to try to make everyone feel special/loved.

Here is our girls day! Shots done creatively by my sister-in-law Stephanie and friend from College, Kristin!  Thanks so much ladies!

Here I am excited to be relaxing with the girls today!

Mom and my soon-to-be mother-in-law getting their manicures.

Mom and Lil (Graham's Step Mum, who flew all the way from Australia to be here for the wedding!)

Kathryn (bridesmaid an amazing friend of ours-takes care of me so much!) getting her pedicure!

Kristin, one of my longest and best College friends from Michigan!  I am SO happy she came for the wedding with her husband, our musician, Paul!

Such a creative shot by my sister-in-law Stephanie!

Mom smiling away and seeming to REALLY enjoy herself!

Jill, my future mother-in-law, enjoying her manicure!  So happy she came from England to be with us!

My sister Jenn, being her typical FUN self while Stephanie's trying to relax!

Stephanie getting her nails done! Love you so much for all of your help and creativity!

I actually remember at this moment being so excited and talking about how tomorrow I am getting married to the love of my life and I had NOTHING left to do on my to-do list!  YAY!

My sister Jenn and future Step-mother-in-law Lillian.  I don't know what I would EVER do without my sister Jenn! 

Kris and I!  She is the BEST at bringing out my giggly and excited side of life!  Love you!

I really wish I remember what we were laughing about, but whatever it is, this picture captures some GREAT happiness!

Dana, my maid of honour and I.  I am so glad hun that you could make it to the end of the spa day.  You are such a huge part of our lives and we know that the time leading up to our wedding was hard for you and hard for me to not be able to fully be there for you.  Thank you for your unending and unchanging love.

I am so thankful for so many people in our lives willing and wanting to celebrate with us.  It was such a fun time, so thanks ladies!!!!!


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