Friday, April 15, 2011

The morning of the BIG DAY!!!!

I woke up after a short amount of sleep, wondering if I would have that, "I'm getting married TODAY" moment, that is always so joyous and glorious in movies and on TV.  While, I was reading downstairs at my sister's house (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HOSTING US ALL!), covered in a towel because I could not find a blanket to keep me warm, I thought it might not happen...

That is, until 6 girls in one house get so excited all together!  It was a perfect beginning to the day.  Hopping into bed with my sister-in-law Stephanie, then Kristin and Kathryn...all talking about how exciting it is that it's FINALLY here!

We had a fun morning, which was actually WAY more relaxed than I had thought it could be.  So many people helped pull off a great time of getting ready, eating yummy breakfast, homemade soup and hair and make up.  Thanks ladies for EVERYTHING!

The boys had a much different morning, waking up and going to Cora's for breakfast (Graham's favourite) and then heading back to Mom and Dad's (THANK YOU) to kill time by playing N64. 

Enjoy this photo post!  Again, thanks to Stephanie and Kristin for capturing some incredible moments!  It is a morning I will never forget and although a few hiccups, I would not want to change!

Pre breakfast and au natural all around!

First shot of my dress!!!!!!!!

Mom and Lillian getting their hair did! :)  Thanks Laura and Beth!!!!  You did a fantastic job!

Jess, my flowergirl and I having a moment together!

Mom and I after she's all done up!  YOU LOOKED INCREDIBLE!

Jess and Stephanie getting ready!  Jess sat still in that chair getting her hair curled for over an hour!  She did so well and was so patient and excited!

Our make up person: Anita Belanger was incredible!  We all loved how natural we looked!

Such a fun note, which in turn led to one of my favourite sneak peek photos from our photographer: Carolyn Bentum!

My amazing sister Jenn making soup WITH vegetables (HA!)!  It was delicious!

My maid of honour Dana getting her make up done by Anita, so pretty!

Details, details, I love them!!!!!

Jess after she's gotten her hair done!  GORGEOUS!

Two of the girls bridesmaid dresses and Stephanie's AWESOME dress!

My future mother-in-law's dress (sky blue) and Mom's dress (purple)- both incredibly gorgeous!

Lace detailing on the back of my dress!

A corset back was crucial for me when looking for my dress, I was so happy I found one, especially as days and pounds starting to disappear closer to the wedding.

A feature I know Graham loved and was hoping to see on my dress- a sweetheart neckline (or as he referred to it...a great view at the "goods").

Jenny and Day laughing at WHO KNOWS WHAT?!  Must have been something REALLY good though from the look of their faces!

Kathryn and Lillian having a chat.  Kathryn, I am still laughing at this moment and will for the rest of our lives as to why!  Love you for just taking it as it comes!

What's funny about this photo of Jenny, is that Graham has taken MANY photos of me like this, caught off guard EATING CHIP NUTS!  Sister's are alike!

Jill, Graham's Mum, my FMIL, all done up and looking magnificent!

Kathryn, a friend I could NEVER live without EVER, looking GORGEOUS as always!

Dana on attempt #1 with the champagne!

Stephanie on attempt #2 at opening the champagne :)

More photos to come of me getting ready, Graham's big surprise present for me and a lot of emotions (happy ones!).  I wanted this as a separate post, as Graham is wanting to remember/see how the morning he "missed" went.  Hope that you have enjoy these fun girly photos!!!!!!! 


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