Friday, April 15, 2011

Going to the chapel!!!

This post is LONG overdue and waited for by many of you!  It is hard to wrap your mind around your wedding day, remembering all the little details and some of the big ones!  It's so helpful to have people around you who can fill you in on the things you missed or were overwhelmed, so you forgot!

Our wedding day was...well, BEAUTIFUL, but COLD.  We're not going to lie!  It caused quite a lot of anxiety for me, knowing Graham 100% was not going to budge on getting married outside, as the sun was shining brightly.  After several attempts, by several people to call him and convince him that I was just too anxious to get married outside, I still lost the battle, thank goodness!  I felt so bad for everyone, but knowing it was a short ceremony, made me feel better- that and Carolyn, our photographer, the amazing trooper that she is, walked down to the ceremony gardens, came back and told me that it's less windy down there, and we will all be fine!  THANK YOU for that!  While peeking out the window upstairs, I could see everyone in their winter jackets.  We did tell people RAIN, SNOW or SUN, and thank goodness they dressed appropriately!

I thought I was going to have to bundle up, but with the excitement of what was about to happen, I knew I could throw on my bolero if need be, but otherwise, I'd be okay (read: I get REALLY hot when anxious/nervous).

I am SO thankful in the end that we got married outside, as seeing the sun beam through the indoor chapel's windows would have made me feel regret...something I did not want to feel on our wedding day!

So, although windy, it was a beautiful ceremony!  I remember feeling SO happy.  I remember asking Dad while standing on the bridge, to pray with me.  I remember knowing there were 100 people watching us, but only having Graham in my view most of the time.  I remember smiling uncontrollably (which Graham later confirmed, saying it made him feel so at ease and so happy).  I remember feeling so blessed and thankful when I looked over at each of our parents, and although I saw a teeth chatter or two (some braved the weather like me and didn't wear a jacket of any sort over their dress!), they looked so happy!  I remember looking out before we signed our marriage license, lifting my dress off the ground without really thinking, and the sea of people gasp, smile or giggle about my FLOURESCENT PINK SHOES, that I totally forgot were on my feet!  I remember feeling honoured that the people who meant the most to us were standing right beside us, smiling and excited.

Thank you to everyone who made our wedding day so special!  We hope that you had fun and please leave a comment with a story or two to share of your favourite moment, favourite memory, favourite item at the wedding etc!  We'd REALLY love to hear it from you!

Our flowers were BEYOND incredible, and I was SO in love with my bouquet!  Thanks Amanda MacKenzie!

Hey YOU!  I love this picture of Graham and his Dad!

Boys will be boys!  Especially these ones!

What a handsome bunch!

A proud Mom and her boys!

When we're all together, we are ALWAYS laughing about something!

My sister, Jenn and brother-in-law Allan.  Looking good!

Graham's Uncle Martin, Auntie Sue and Mom, Jill. 

Two of our best friends, Kathryn and Gary!

This photo does not surprise me at all! Love my brother Scott and BIL Allan!

Love this shot of the back of my dress!

Gorgeous aisle flowers, that we used as our centerpieces after the wedding, again, AMAZING job by Amanda MacKenzie!

I love EVERYTHING about my sister, Jenn's face here!  So excited!

Our BEAUTIFUL flowergirl Jess!  Jess, you are so pretty and we are so lucky to have you in our lives!

Kathryn, one of the best friend's a girl could have!

Dad, saying a prayer before we walk down the aisle.  One of our most precious moments together...

My face shows how excited I am at finally seeing Graham on the other end!  Dad so proud to walk me down the aisle and me so happy to be on his arm!

Those are tears of joy and excitement!

"I Lee-Anne, take you, Graham, to be my husband...!!!"

Thanks to Lillian for capturing this EXTREMELY happy moment while signing the registry!

We did it!  Mr. and Mrs. Clarke!!!!!!!!!!!  Yippee!!!!


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