Thursday, April 14, 2011

A practice run down the aisle!

We did our rehearsal the night before the wedding!  While I remember it being VERY cold, and people looking VERY cold, I loved that there was no snow where we wanted to get married outside.  I was quite anxious about getting married outside, with the weather not being warm, but I knew how much it meant to Graham.  I lost a lot of sleep the night before the wedding, and found it was my ONLY stress the next day, thinking about the wind and cold.  Thank goodness there were a handful of people the night of the rehearsal that were VERY encouraging about helping us fulfill our outdoor wedding dreams!

Enjoy these photos!  We have a REALLY fun family and wedding party and looking back on these pictures, when I missed most of the fun due to organizing with the co-ordinator, my sister-in-law was snapping away!  THANK YOU STEPHANIE!  I am so glad I still get to look back on them eventhough I was preoccupied!

The first set of photos is dedicated to my brother Scott, and his goofiness that has abounded through the years!  I don't know how I missed EVERY one of these moments, but man, the pictures sure made me laugh!

We had the BEST wedding party/family ever!  So glad that Graham chose to join in on the love/fun as well in some of these!

And the "formal" rehearsal stuff!  I got slightly emotional standing there with Dad waiting to walk down the aisle, knowing it meant that THE BIG DAY was just around the corner.  I'd love to say it was because I was so tired, or because I was overwhelmingly cold, but it's just me...I get emotional at sentimental stuff like that.

I specifically remember in this photo Graham was telling the Maitre'd..."No, we are DEFINETELY getting married outside".  My face, obviously shows slight concern about this.


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