Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting myself ready was SO much fun and came with SO many emotions!

This post will be mostly photos, all pretty self explanatory...enjoy the emotions displayed in getting ready myself, and the amazind bridal party team making numerous attempts to get me into my dress!

Everyone needs a good cup of tea!

You know that saying, "It has to get worse before it gets better"?  WOW!

That's more like it!

At this exact moment, I was telling Laura, that I thought I would get emotional once the veil was in, and was giddy that I wasn't...stay tuned :)

The veil's in and I LOVE it!  It's so nice to have a shot of the back of my head and what it looked like!

I was TOTALLY fine until the veil came over my face!

Having a moment...I guess THIS is why make up is done AFTER hair!

Phew!  That's better!

Flowers arrive with Uncle Richard!  Thank you so much!  Amanda, our florist, did the most INCREDIBLE job!

They were EVERYTHING I wanted AND MORE! 

Tucking into some soup WITH vegetables, made by Jenny!

Anita doing her thing!

I remember feeling SO relaxed at this moment!

Jess, our flowergirl, came down looking so proud and so gorgeous!

Ahh my dress, I am SO in love with it and am dying to wear it again!

The girls trying to help me figure out if we get it on from going underneath it or putting it over my would have been easy if the extra skirt didn't exist!

I was DYING of laughter at this moment!  3-4 girls under my dress, trying to help me get the skirt all fixed!

There we go!  Skirt done!!!  Dress on!  Now time to corset it!

Dana, my maid of honour, tying me up!

What are sisters for?  To help make sure your boobs are in place before you're all tied up!

Really excited, and getting giddy!  Jenn was right in front of me and I got SUPER excited at this moment!  right before...

Our "famous" TOO long hug that resulted in rocket tears and hand waving to save my make up!

Thank you Stephanie (best sister-in-law a girl could have) for bringing down a mirror so that I could see myself in full length!  This was a "you look so pretty!  No YOU look so pretty moment!" between us!

Here I am!!!!!!!  All ready and loving my flowers!  At this moment, I was DYING for Dad to get here and to just get married already (still had 1.5 hours to go though!)!!!

An emotional father/daughter moment.  Love you so much Dad!

I think that's the face of a VERY proud father!

Stephanie, you looked incredible!  I was/am so jealous of your dress!!!

My Mom and Mother-in-Law, looking stunningly gorgeous!

Two pictures that I am sad I missed out on!  You all looked amazing!!!!!

Well, that's it for the getting ready portion of our day...apart from the exchange of gifts/cards between Graham and I.  He had 2 HUGE surprises for me.  Surprises that one I had a slight idea of, but NEVER thought it would happen and one that took me so off guard, and was so romantic, tears were aplenty.  It was actually one of my favourite moments of our wedding day, so sweetheart, that should show how much it meant to me!


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