Friday, April 15, 2011

Now it's time to EAT and PARTY!

Updated:  I stole some pictures that my friend Sundee posted of the wedding...the yummy food, our candy bar etc!  They are added throughout!

After the ceremony, pictures and some time spent with just Graham, myself and Carolyn, our amazing photographer, we were ready to eat and ready to party with our closest friends and family that could make it!  We had some hard decisions to make with invites, as we wanted to keep the wedding "small" (well, small for a DUTCH family), no more than 100 people.  With 60 of our invites being family, it made for a really tough time for me, as I would have invited EVERYONE I knew if Graham and budget would have let me :).  It's who I am...I hate leaving ANYONE out, but this was my biggest lesson in, "sometimes you have to do what you have to do".  Still sucks though :(

I digress.  We had SO much fun, and hope that everyone else did too!  From homemade seating card cookies (post to come later about that, it was a challenge in itself, THANKS MOM!), to getting to show off my pink shoes, to my HUSBAND telling me how much he loved me, we hadn't laughed so hard in so long, thanks to some INCREDIBLY funny speeches (Tom, Graham's brother, was UNBELIEVABLY HILARIOUS!).  We ate amazing food, socialized with friends and family, ate the most delicious cupcakes, thanks to Marietta and Lola of Enticing Icings, had a SUPER FUN (we think so anyway) candy bar and danced the night away, thanks to Thunder DJ. 

What was your FAVOURITE PART/MEMORY/UNIQUE aspect of the wedding???????

Here is a link to Carolyn's post about the day/night.  Thank you so much Carolyn for being there as not only our photographer, but our friend.  You outdid anything we could have imagined (so far anyway from what we've seen, and can't wait to see the rest!), and your blog post brought me to tears in the middle of our honeymoon in Thailand.  Here's the post for all to enjoy Our wedding, as blogged by Carolyn!

Here are the photos we have been given by some family and friends who celebrated with us!  ENJOY!

Cookies, handmade by my Mom and I, decorated and addressed with my own hands and hardwork!

Our gorgeous aisle runners, turned centerpieces done by Amanda MacKenzie of Blooming Hearts.  We wanted bright, simple, organic and full of herbs (like rosemary, thyme, mint, dill etc).  Natural fragrance and gorgeous.

Some interior photos of the Mill's reception room.  The Governor's room.  Ancaster Mill was perfect for us.  Quaint, outdoorsy and FULL of character!  A staple for Graham and I.

Lola and Marietta working so hard to make our vision EVERYTHING and more than we ever wanted!  We had PB &J (peanut butter icing and jam filled), lemon and jam filled, and skor cupcakes!  DELICIOUS!  You ladies did an incredible job!  Our top tier Skor cake is packaged, frozen, sealed and ready for our 1 year anniversary!

Our top tier cake was so gorgeous!
Marietta called me a few weeks before the wedding and asked me for a few details on Graham and I.  Where we met?  Where we lived?  Where he proposed?  I assumed it was for cupcake toppers, as the cakes that she made us for our taster had fondant shapes on them...but, THIS stand was beyond what I could have ever dreamed of!  The top tier is the Oakville lighthouse where Graham proposed.  The second tier is where we met- scenes of New York City.  The 3rd is our 2 favourite places that we lived- Toronto and England.  AMAZING!

Our wedding party begins their entrances into the reception!  Man, we have a fun wedding party!

Jess and Max making their entrance!

Kathryn and Gary dancing their way in!

Scott and Jenn ALWAYS having fun!

Dana and Tom, OBVIOUSLY having a great time!

Mr. and Mrs. CLARKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We both were SO happy!

Husband and Wife!

Food, glorious food!  Our starter was a spinach and arugula salad with goat cheese and candied walnuts!  YUM!

One of our mains was Surf & Turf!  Steak and Scallops on a bed of roasted potatoes, carrots and beans!  I could barely eat, but everyone tells me it was DELICIOUS! 

Now this, I ate!  I was so overwhelmed and warm, it went down a treat!  Mango, raspberry and strawberry sorbet with fresh berries!  So delicious!  The Mill really outdid themself with the food!

Wow!  Dad looks so happy and content!  Do you think it's because he's so proud, or because I'm the last one he has to "see off"?  Maybe both? :)

Day and I DEEP into conversation, obviously!

Uncle Doug, Dad and Uncle Clarence.  What a GREAT photo of Dad and family friends that we have known and loved FOREVER!

Me and my Aubs.  All the way from Chicago.  My very first College roomate, and still an amazing friend after 9 years of being apart!  She came with her VERY cute and sweet boyfriend that I can't wait to get to know.  Aubs and Aaron, please come back! 

Three of my favourite ladies!  So sad I didn't get in on this!  Shannon, Kathryn and Sundee!  Some of the BEST co-workers/friends I have ever had!

Me and Sundee!

Scott and Jenny giving their speeches!  So funny and so sweet!  Thanks guys!  We love you!

My AMAZING and most favourite pair of shoes I have EVER owned!

Graham's Dad, Alan giving his speech, again SO funny!

Jesse, our fantastic MC!  Jesse and I went to school together in Chicago and Oklahoma.  He is one of the most kind, caring people I have ever met.  He came 14 hours by bus from D.C overnight just to come to celebrate with us FOR ONE DAY!  What an incredible friend and we are so lucky to have you in our lives!  We can't wait to meet Helen and celebrate marriage together!

Graham and I giving our speech.  Both a fun and emotional time.  It's hard to sum up in 5-10 minutes how to thank everyone who made you who you are, who has been a huge part of making your wedding everything you have ever wanted, and remember to make people laugh and not cry so hard that no one can understand you!

Jer and Leslie Brouwer.  We are so glad that you came!  We miss you guys!

Mike and Fran.  Jess and Max's parents.  We have been friends for years now, ever since Max and Jess were SO little, which is hard to believe how much time has gone by!  They mean so much to me, and now Graham, and although Mike was on crutches, they said they had such an amazing time.  Fran took me aside later in the night and said the most amazing things to me about our relationship and the memories we have given Max and Jess.  It was an emotional and joyous moment for me!  Thank you Fran and Mike for your kind words, your constant generousity and for lending us the best Flowergirl and ring bearer ever!

Jess, looking INCREDIBLE!  Best flowergirl ever!

Yes, we "fake" cut our cake, so that we could save it for our 1st anniversary.  Graham is determined to have that cake eaten WAY before that if he can :)

Auntie Sue and Jill deep into conversation.

Uncle Martin in his Tartan.  We are so happy they came from England to celebrate with us!

Graham and Jill having their Mother/Son dance to Faith Hill's "There You'll be".  What a proud moment between a mother and her youngest son!

Dana and I were having a "moment" together, while watching over my new husband and his Mom dancing away. 

Dad and I dancing to Michael Buble's "You look Wonderful Tonight", my favourite singer, which Dad had no idea!  It was a very, very special moment for me with Dad, and as you can see in the picture above, I was happily enjoying every moment!

My HUSBAND looks SO content.  Our first dance together to Oliver James "Greatest Story Ever Told".

Graham's favourite thing is when I sing to him while we dance- at weddings, in the livingroom, in the kitchen while cooking, pretty much anywhere!

Sharing a kiss.

I remember this exact moment.  I remember telling Graham how lucky I am to be his wife.  How amazing the day turned out to be and how I never thought I could love him more than I already did, until I stood there with Dad, waiting to walk down the aisle and become his wife.

Hank and Mary Bosma, the longest married couple.  We did an anniversary dance instead of throwing the garter or bouquet.  All of the couples got on the dance floor and the DJ would ask people to leave at 1 year, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and then at 38 years, Hank and Mary were left on the dance floor with us.  We then presented them with my bouquet.  It was a fun and surprising moment for them, we hope!

My Mom and Dad looking incredible!  My Mom's dress was KILLER!  Doesn't she look HOT?!!!

Part of our candy bar, which seemed to go down a treat to pretty much everyone at the wedding!  Even Oma was excited when she came up to me with a bag of candy to be excited about!
And that ends our night!  We are missing some photos and elements of the reception, but I am hoping to do a post when we recieve our professional photos!  CAN'T WAIT!  For now, I'll finish off with some sneak peek photos Carolyn sent us from the wedding!



We're gonna see you this month, and you're gonna meet Helen! Can't wait for you to come!

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