Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A day off in the life of Lee-Anne= 52 city blocks of walking!

It was gorgeous out today, so I decided to put on my flats, bundle in layers (it gets cold and windy in the city out of the sun!) and make an entire day out in the city with myself.  I wanted to go to a few of my favourite places, as today is my last day to do it before we move on Friday.

Here is my day, it was a fun one!  I walked 52 blocks today, and these are BIG city blocks people!  Our condo to Palmerston in Little Italy, Little Italy to Kensington Market, Kensington to Chinatown, Chinatown to Queen St. W., Queen W. to the Eaton Centre, the Eaton Centre up Yonge St, Yonge St to St. Lawrence Market, St. Lawrence Market home.  Pretty much a roundabout way of walking the WHOLE city.  I was DONE by the end of the day, but had a LOT of fun!

The upstairs view of woodlot.  It was a great view watching them put in, prep and take out every pastry and load of delicious bread!  YUM!  Happy Breakfast to me!

Himilayan Saffron tea, a chanterelle mushroom quiche, and an apple galette.  I couldn't tackle the apple tart, so I graciously saved it and walked it around all day with me, just so I could bring it home to Graham.  Now that's a good and dedicated fiance!

Kensington Market.  It is just as crazy as it is on the weekend, during the day and I LOVE the hustle and bustle of it, and the GREAT people watching.

Chinatown.  In the summer, or when produce is fresh and plenty, we do our groceries here.  It's WAY cheaper, the produce is WAY more fresh and we can get a HUGE variety of off the wall options.

Nathan Phillips Square.  It looked so beautiful today with no snow and the sun shining on it!

St. Lawrence Market.  I love so much about it, I know I will miss it immensely when we move.  SERIOUSLY, if you have never been here, GO!  And go hungry and with an open mind for inspiration!

Well, that was my day!  I had a ton of fun!


Stephanie Mosselman

sad to leave the city.
looks like you had a nice goodbye though.

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