Monday, March 14, 2011

Twas a beautiful day in the neighbourhood!

I tell you what!  Last week's 4 days of rain, really did a number on my energy and happiness!  Being cooped up inside, waiting for a break in the rain, even just for it to slow down so you can play for a half and hour without getting SOAKED in seconds, is not fun.  There were two days where the kids AND I were standing at the back door, just waiting and wondering if the rain would ever let up.

Today was AMAZING!  It was still slightly cold, but the sun was shining so BRIGHT, it was impossible to stay inside!  The kids didn't have the best naptime, and as it was so glorious out, I was happy to just put their suits back on and head back out!  It really made for a lot of fun today!

I took the kids to the park twice today, once for 2 hours in the morning (I did NOT think they'd last that long), and once for an hour in the afternoon.  When we got to the park in the morning, it was like they totally forgot what exists underneath all the snow!  We've gone to the park many times over the winter, but so much of it was unusable, as it was too icy, or too wet (puddles at the end of slides) or they just slipped everywhere.  They were SO happy!  I loved their giggles and their smiles and their endless courage to just climb up anything, throw themselves down the slide and cheer for each other at the bottom!  Cayenne would stand at the bottom, waiting for Cole and when he got down, she'd clap and giggle, it was so cute!

Here's the eye candy!  Enjoy and leave some love!


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