Thursday, March 17, 2011

That's how he rolls...

We had an app't today and after getting home, we decided we needed to start checking some "annoying" things off of our to do list.  One of our to do lists.  The moving to do list.

We have had a problem with our beautiful cherry red couch from Leon's pretty much since day 1, and as we are on our 3rd couch from them, we asked for a refund, as they can no longer replace our couch.  As they have given us so much trouble and headache with the couch, delivery issues and inspection issues, they are trying to work out a "deal" for us on top of our store credit.  We'll see if their version of "deal" means the same as my Dutch definition.

Anyway, we had a list of furniture to look at for the new house and 1 hour to get through the MASSIVE store.  On our list was: see if we find a mattress better than the one we registered for for our guest room, see if we find a bed frame for that non existent bed, get a replacement couch and maybe find a coffee table or ottoman.  I find it daunting that we are not shopping for a condo anymore, and can look at couches that aren't at the Leon's that is for urban housing anymore.  It was crazy to see these HUGE couches and actually consider them if we wanted.  CRAZY.

Anyways, in an hour, we actually accomplished finding a queen bed frame, a mattress, a couch and a coffee table.  None were purchased, and are going to be thought about, and then we get to contact Head office and "see what they can do for us, because of our trouble".

This is how Graham shops for a couch.  I find it hilarious that we both need to ensure complete comfort for our new couch (our current one is small and condo style, and you can't even stretch out completely on it!), but Graham feels he needs to be RIGHT AT HOME.

Notice that he kicked off his shoes and just got right in there!  Way to go babe!


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