Saturday, March 5, 2011

GREAT day out with MOM!

Today, was a day of cross bording shopping to check off as many things off my to-do list for the wedding as possible, and save as much money as possible in the meantime!  I am excited to say, that the majority of it was EXTREMELY successful, finding some ridiculously good deals!

I had so much fun with Mom, and I am so appreciative of everything she and Dad do and have done to help us with the wedding!  They have been a large part of why everything is coming together and why I feel confident that anything I might miss, or feel is overwhelming, they will help me keep my feet firmly on the ground.

Thanks Mom for a fun day!

Our day started off at Hobby Lobby.  I try to only go there once a year or so, as everytime I go, I want to buy the whole store, and most of it happens to be 50% off when I do go.  SO DANGEROUS!  I was on a mission to find planters for the wedding, that weren't in the $100 range and was proud to walk away after a HUGE sale, paying $25!  I got many of the small, tedious things I needed for the wedding as well, so YAY!

We then ventured off to Target, where I was in search of a bathing suit for the honeymoon (a task I hate in the summer, let alone after a long winter, where you are as white as a ghost).  I happened to find one that I LOVE, which felt like a miracle and really put the summer in my step!

We then had lunch at the Cheesecake factory!  One of my absolute FAVOURITE places to eat, although I am ALWAYS too full to eat the cheesecake, they have a pretty killer menu with HUGE portions.  I am a big fan of eating appetizers for meals, and this place has some great ones!  Mom and I shared the fried mac and cheese (delicious), the fried zucchini, the crab cake balls and a beet, apple, goat cheese and walnut salad plate.  It was Mom's first time there, and I think she really liked it!

After a stop at the Walden Galleria, where I again, happened to luck out with 2 skirts for the honeymoon, we headed off to Wal-Mart to try to accomplish the fun stuff for our wedding that is happening in the evening.  This was unsuccessful, but everyone has to have some luck that doesn't work out for them right?  I still stocked up on some of our favourites and got a few bits and pieces that I had gone back to get 3 times previously and they didn't have, so I guess it wasn't a complete fail.

Overall, a great day with Mom and 75% of the list I had/wanted to get accomplished completed.

Thanks again Mom!!!!


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