Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I miss GOOD mexican.

Living in the south, I used to have some amazing Mexican food.  I miss it so much.  The corn tortillas served to you free with salsa, the homemade corn chips, the sopapillas, the $1 beers...I miss it more and more everytime I try to make the best tacos ever, but never achieve it...SAD.

When Graham and I lived in England, I was determined to find a Mexican restaurant to satisfy my cravings.  Not tex mex, but good spicy mexican that serves some killer tequilas.  I achieved this and we still miss Cafe Pacifco/La Perla Bar BIG TIME!  We have a lot of memories there (we took Mom and Dad there and Graham still does not let Mom live down their margarita drinking competition- best margaritas we've ever had, I had my final family dinner there with Graham's family before I emigrated home, and we had many meals there with friends who came from Canada who we wanted to take out for a great night in London).

Every once in a while we have taco night.  I LOVE taco night!  I am a sucker for chips and guac and I especially love making myself a taco salad.  A giant mess of everything under the sun in one bowl, so lazy and so delicious!  Graham has come to LOVE taco night and tends to wait for me to get home to make guac, as "your guacy is the best".

YUM!  Anyone ever want to come over and have taco night, you know how to reach us!


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