Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I wish I was as excited about snow as I was when I was little!

With 36 days until the wedding, a wedding which is supposed to be outdoors, I am feeling COMPLETELY different about snow than usual.  Not that I particularly LIKE snow... actually, I have this thing about snow...

"It's only useful if you can do something with it" (ski, snowboard, skidoo, make snowmen, toboggan etc).  I feel like I am getting "too old for snow" some days/years, although the kids have really helped to make it so much more fun this winter, than the last few.  One thing I loved about living in England was the fact that there was minimal snow while I was living there, although that usually meant more rain.  I am a BIG fan of rain and playing in the rain, so it never really bothered me.  I think that's mostly because rain meant that it really wasn't THAT cold. One thing that I was made fun of for a long time after coming home, was the fact that rain or snow, I use an umbrella.  It makes sense, really, which most people agree with after trying it.

Back on topic.  I remember being little and LOVING snow.  I remember a few years of trick-or-treating and wearing a pink snowsuit underneath my costume.  I remember breaking my arm due to trying to cram too many of us church group kids on one plastic red toboggan and then going over a "jump", and I remember Dad always being there with us outside to go tobaggonning, no matter HOW COLD IT WAS.  Those days were the best, when we'd come home and Mom and the other ladies from church would have soup/hot chocolate for all of us to warm up with.

Today, as it's been snowing ALL morning, the kids and I went to play outside, as it looked TOO tempting.  Unfortunately, this snow was VERY wet, and we were soaked in no time and if I was cold, they had to be cold too.  We packed up inside and watched the snow fall from the back door.  Cole was so cute, as he stood there shouting over and over again in a very nasally cute almost 2 year old voice...

"SNOW!  SNOW!  SNOW!  OOK!  SNOW!" which in his voice, snow, sounds like, "fno", which makes it all that much cuter!


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