Friday, March 4, 2011

Fire trucks, and sirens and lights... OH MY!

Yesterday afternoon I called the Fire Department nearest the Cayenne's house to see if we could book a tour/truck visit.  I know that this is common for schools to do, or home care providers with 5+ children, but I thought I would give it my best shot!  I found out that I needed to email them and they would get back to me ASAP.  They emailed me promptly saying that they were happy to do this for us tomorrow (today) as long as there weren't any fire calls.  We could head over there after 9am, and they'd be happy to do it, we just had to be prepared that they could get called out at any time.

I bundled up the kids, although almost not needed, as it was gorgeous out this morning!  By the time we got to the Station, they were BOTH fast asleep, which was strange, as they are one afternoon nappers now, unless we have a busy morning and they fall asleep in the stroller around 11. When the fireman came out to greet us, they both shot up, and were interested to see where we were!  They gave them "junior firefighter" stickers, and opened the big red doors for us to come in!

I had known that they would let the kids sit in the front seat and honk the horn, as well as put the lights on for them and let them play in the back of the truck.  What we were most surprised with, was that one firefighter, John, got in the truck, put on the loud speaker and annouced a "call" and the PUT THE SIREN AND LIGHTS ON! 

The kids were very intimidated when we arrived and were looking around the station, but they warmed up when we played in the truck, got to sit in the seat and then heard the sirens!  They wouldn't let me put them down for more than 2 seconds, but it was fun!  There were many, "What's dats?" and "Wow's" by the time we left.  They got a call right as we were finishing, so they put on their uniforms and got in the truck, full sirens blaring.  When they pulled away, the kids were blowing kisses and waving like CRAZY!

How fun!  I would have loved to get more photos, but they wouldn't let me put them down, and it was all too exciting to be able to hold two kids, play in the truck and snap a whole bunch of photos on my own!  I'd love to see them go again in a year when they are walking and talking in full sentences, and see how much they'd enjoy it!


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