Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Honest Ed's date night!

How I have never taken Graham here, is beyond me!  It's like a cheap man's heaven, full of tat and the occasional GREAT find.

We found some HILARIOUS things that really made for a lot of fun!  No trip to Honest Ed's is complete without a picture in the circus mirror!

Graham found the most STYLISH jacket, while I found the one thing I never thought I would see again...SPLASH PANTS.  Now, they would have been true splash pants if they had elastic bottoms, but seriously, I had NO idea these still exist!  Look how giddy Graham is!

I saw THIS when we were walking through the cosmetic section and just about died laughing!  If only it said SWAP A%* and I would have had to call my friend Kristin immediately.  I had to look closely at what it was, but seriously???  Who makes this stuff?

Lastly, Graham got REALLY excited when we saw PEZ. I still see them around, but haven't in a long time, and Graham hadn't had it since he was little.  Needless to say, he had to buy one, sadly, it's just not the same PEZ as when we were growing up.  I love how he chose WALL-E!

What a really fun date!  If you haven't ever been here before, GO and take everyone you know with you!  It's just way too much fun to not share in the hilarity and good finds with those you love!


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