Saturday, March 12, 2011

Man shopping. MORE painful than women's shopping!

We spent 6.5 hours at the mall today.  Longer than any time I have EVER spent shopping for myself for sure.  I'd love to say it was to get myself a new spring wardrobe, or that I found clothes for the honeymoon, but it was a shopping trip to get Graham new clothes.

This could have been a quick and easy task, if he knew what he wanted.  What he knew he didn't want, was clothes that he usually goes with, as he looks at old pictures of himself and isn't happy with how he dressed.  So off we went on a mission, with the instructions that I was supposed to help him think outside the box.

It took me 6 stores and 3 hours before I started to break the mold from his "usual" style.  It wasn't easy and it came with a few unpleasant conversations in change rooms, but once he opened his mind up (and his wallet a little...heehee), he got some REALLY great clothes!  

2 pairs of jeans, 2 casual summer button down shirts, 3 t-shirts, 1 bathing suit and 4 pairs of boxers later, we finally left.  Our next mission will be shoes and maybe a casual jacket...and then we're done till the winter again.  Luckily with Graham, he likes to do a HUGE shop in each season and just be done with it.

Thanks Yorkdale Mall, it's been years since I have shopped at you, and you were even more beautiful than I remember.  Some of the shops are insanely expensive, but it has a good mix of everything else.  Maybe Kathryn and I can do some honeymoon/return to work girlie shopping there soon! 


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