Sunday, March 27, 2011

Packing and sushi.

Today was a FULL day of packing, organizing and getting ready for the big move on Friday.  We do have packers and movers coming thursday to help with the big stuff and packing the kitchen, but we wanted to get started on some stuff so that we can do the move a little bit cheaper.

I am lucky enough that Graham has a FREE move in day in his contract for work.  I was going to have to do the whole pack and move alone.  The logistics of that was starting to become crazy, so when he told me that last week, I was thrilled.  We have tried to organize that we get packed on Thursday morning, move Friday morning, have Leon's pick up our couch Friday morning, have Leon's deliver the new bed/mattress/couch/ottoman Friday whenever they can, and have Bell come out to hook up the cable and internet Friday evening.  It will be crazy, but great to do it in 1 day.  Mom and Dad are helping us put furniture together and unpack on Sunday, which we are SO incredibly thankful for!!!

So today, we packed, packed and purged.  We felt very cooped up by the end of the afternoon that we decided to head out and get some sushi, sashimi and dumplings to have at home with a few drinks.  It was a perfect way to end today in order to relax and eat something light.


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