Sunday, March 6, 2011

Window aisles that my sister would have LOVED!

I usually don't shop or even window shop on a Sunday, but as our weekends are so ridiculously full with wedding stuff and moving stuff, I woke up in a bit of a panic thinking how many "little" things needed to get done.  "Little" things that required searching for the perfect THIS or the perfect THAT.  "Little" things take me time, as I always want them to be just right, which takes too much time. 

Today, Graham helped me and helped keep me on track, by coming along to remind me that we still had time if I got frustrated and that I always make something work.

In the end, we found everything that we wanted and will be going back this week to pick it all up and check these "little" things off of our list.

While we were at Warehouse Club (which THANK GOODNESS I didn't know existed before today), I walked into a childhood heaven, I was like a true kid in a CANDY STORE!  I got so reminiscent and wished at some moments, that I had my sister there, as she would have understood my excitement a lot more than Graham would have :)  There were other things in the store that were more important than this, but this is all that I want to remember/dream of tonight! 

Jenny, you would have been in HEAVEN!


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