Friday, September 16, 2011

5 degrees in the morning? I think it's time to prepare for FALL!

I am a BIG fan of seasons.  It's one of the things that I really missed while living in England.  SEASONS.  There it seems to be rain= Spring, summer, fall and sometimes winter and rain/snow= winter and sometimes fall.  Yes, we'd have the glorious summer days, but those always seemed to fall when I was working, or on holidays out of the country anyway.  Yes, I loved England, but I did NOT love the amount of rain we got every year!

I digress...

Here, I find we have 4 distinct seasons, which I love.  I am not the biggest fan of winter, but I'll take it for a short while.  Some years it seems like we have longer seasons of one vs. another, but it all seems to balance itself out eventually.

This morning we woke up to a VERY cold house.  It was only 18C in the house, so we knew it HAD to be cold outside.  Our trusty thermometer, read 5C.  Umm..WHAT?  It's not NOVEMBER!  I decided that it would be a big kick in the pants to start packing up some more summer stuff and putting it in storage this weekend.  Sad :(  While we always leave a few pieces out, just in case we get an Indian summer in October, we pack mostly everything up. 

I realized that this year, we both have a lot of recycled clothes from last year, as well as not as many clothes as we usually do.  I realized that NEITHER of us have gone shopping for clothes this summer, the only few pieces I did buy, was in the spring, right before the honeymoon.  I also realized that somehow, either in the move, or purging for the move, I have the smallest fall wardrobe ever.  I searched for my clothes anywhere and everywhere and cannot find any extra boxes.  Apart from jeans, some light sweater, hoodies and bulkier sweaters, I cannot find my "staples" that I can't live without every year...STRANGE.  My side of the closet looks extremely empty and as I am not the biggest fan of spending money, or clothes shopping...I am not looking forward to replacing a few basic items that I can't find (long sleeve shirts, cardigans, the typical black dress pants and any of my winter dresses/skirts).  I have a feeling that we are missing a box of stuff.  ARGH!

Anyways, everything is now all neatly folded, put into storage bags and summer is mostly gone from our closets.  I feel slightly sad...but then again, fall is my FAVOURITE season of the year!

All of my summer clothes fit into one bag!

Graham's took two!  Either that shows how many more clothes Graham has, or how much "less" ladies clothes are made out of!


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