Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hawaii is expensive, but if you talk to the locals, you score!

I can't even describe how expensive it is to eat, drink or pretty much do anything in Hawaii!  A pot of yogurt, cost us $7 at Wal-Mart, 1 apple, cost me $3 one day for a snack!  I was in shock!  We knew it would be expensive, but OH.MY.GOODNESS!  It's just nuts!

Our plan of attack, was either to ask the locals where they eat (which usually involved in fast food or spam, both things we didn't want to explore...), or to find livingsocial/groupon deals.  We found a couple of good Groupon deals, so that was great...and we got some awesome recommendations for local happy hours/lunch places to go!

We forgot to take photos of the food, but we left here, having lunch and only paying $15 for our meals!  It was delicious!  I had the coconut and fresh pineapple pancakes, with this delicious coconut syrup.  Graham had a mahi mahi dinner, with baked potatoes, salad bar and dessert.  It was a great meal and a great find!

Off we went for dinenr later, to P.F Chang's!  It was a favourite of mine, when living in the U.S, although expensive.  They have a KILLER happy hour menu, so after doing some shopping in the afternoon, we headed here for dinner and drinks!  They have the most POTENT mai tai's and Graham was in love!

No, we did not just order dessert, but it was so pretty, we just had to photograph it!  The lemon pie to the right, was by far our favourite, but the tiramisu was delicious as well!

We then took our nightly stroll along the beach and finally got a successful STRANGER picture!  We do have other photos together, but either the view, our heads or part of our bodies were cut off!

Another gorgeous sunset, on our last full day here!


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