Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Help.

Last night, Graham took me on a date to the movies!  I LOVE going to the movies, I love the ambience, the previews, the snacks, everything!  Graham is the opposite!  While he loves going to the movies, he DOES NOT eat the snacks, does not like waiting for the movie to start and gets annoyed when people talk too loudly before the movie starts even.  So funny! 

We saw, "The Help".  It was an excellent movie, very thought provoking and eye opening.  I found it an emotional movie to watch, both because it was so heart breaking at times and because there were parts that were just SO INCREDIBLY FUNNY.  Both of us would recommend this movie to anyone.

While I don't want to go into any details about the movie, I do want to share something that I couldn't stop thinking about, the entire time we were watching the movie...

When our kids or friends kids go to the movies 20 or so years from now, will they be watching a movie just like this...but reflecting STRAIGHT VS. HOMOSEXUALS?

It made me feel sad.  It made me feel sad, because it is not our place to judge or treat any other human being like they are "not worthy", "deserving", or "beneath" the RESPECT that the rest of us deserve.  Not one is better than the other, yet so much of society still views S vs. H as a comparison.  Why can't we all just be treated equal?  Why does one side have to fight for their rights more than the other? 

I found my thoughts racing.  I found myself angry that what happened between whites and blacks NOT THAT LONG AGO, is happening in the world that we live in today...just between two different "types" of people.  SAD.

Needless to say, please go out and see this movie.  Sorry if this is a bit of a heavy read for today, I just feel passionate about equality amongst people, no matter what race, gender, sexuality etc.



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