Sunday, September 25, 2011

Travel Lovers!

Graham and I are both VERY avid travellers.  Usually travelling involves new cultures, experiences and foods for's what keeps it exciting for us.  While we both have country pride (I am DYING to road trip the East Coast with Graham and he is DYING to take me to Italy...hey, at least it's still Europe), we also love to travel the exotic, interesting and out of this world places.

We are EXTREMELY blessed and fortunate people to have been around the world as much as we have, either for personal travel, gifts to each other or business.  We have found some favourite "I want to come back here again, for sure" places, as well as some "I'd prefer to not have a holiday here again", the latter, usually because it just feels too "easy" to us (we're NOT all-inclusive people, we like to be with the locals).

The moment that The Amazing Race comes back on TV, Graham gets REALLY excited!  He isn't usually excited about anything on TV (unless it's a war show/movie, people shooting each other, or something boring about science etc...yup, just like DAD!), but this show, we both love.  It opens our mind to travel to new places, get excited about our next bit of adventure as well as reminisce about the past.

I wonder where life will take us next?  We'd love to say, Africa, as Graham has missed it since living there 6 years ago, but who knows!


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