Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun with Jack!

Our friends Mat (from England) and Julie (from Canada), who I worked with when I lived in England, asked us if we could look after their son, Jack today.  They had a wedding to attend, and wanted to know if Graham could do some guestbook photos for it, as well as have us watch Jack.  We were honoured and excited, as he is truly, one of the BEST babies that we have ever looked after!  Between him and our other friend's son, Brayden, we can't believe how well behaved these little boys are!

Jack was so much fun to play with and cuddle!  He is SO smart, cooing, babbling and CRAWLING already!!!!!!!!!!  He is cuddly, adorable and has the best SILENT laugh in the world!  Seriously, not a peep out of him when he laughs, it's the cutest thing.

We spent some time at the wedding reception, where he was so extremely well behaved!  We spent the rest of the night playing, reading stories and having cuddles, before Mom and Dad came back to the hotel for the night.  We had some HILARIOUS 2am laughs (man, I miss those times/memories!) and love every minute that we get to spend with friends!

Congrats Trish and Blair on your wedding and we had a lot of fun helping with photos!  Thanks Julie and Mat for letting us have Jack for the night!  What fun!


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