Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Feelin' HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!

I have no motivation to blog anymore today!  It's HOT here, even with a "breeze" off the lake!  The thermostat in here reads: 29C!!!!!!!  My friend Jen informed me that, "it's probably hotter than that in your house.  The guy who came to deal with our a/c said thermostats only go to 29C".  GREAT!

For the first time, we are living in a house where we have to pay all of our bills (we didn't not pay bills before, they were just included in our rent).  Our condo was the only place we've ever lived in that has had a/c, so we are unsure of how much it would cost per month, especially with this being an older house.

By 4pm, I caved, and ignored Graham's requests to just open the windows!  The air coming in was too hot to keep them or the blinds open!!!  I turned on the a/c, and by dinnertime, it was so hot in here still, we went out for a bit.  By the time we got back, it was still just as hot, but POURING and thunderstorming HUGE!  By bedtime, the temp had not really changed, so Graham went investigating.  30 minutes later, he found the tripped fuse from the a/c and got it going!  It was about time we had a sleep where we didn't wake up 10 times because it was so hot!

I guess we went from winter to a 2 week spring and then STRAIGHT to summer!  I hear it's going to be a hot one!!!


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