Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Hardworking Teacher. You're #1!!!!!!

This post is for my sister.  She is a huge support to me, and although we are now a bit too far away (not really compared to previous years, but too far for a short visit!), we try to stay in touch when we can!  I miss her a lot and am so proud of her *surviving* another school year, as an awesome teacher!  *Surviving* because she teaches Grade 8's, and we all know what that last year before high school was like!

I wanted to do something special for her, her kids/the other teachers she spends her days with, so I baked my butt of this weekend!  It was my fun project that I have been waiting to blog about since Sunday!

It was great to surprise her at her school, meet some of the teachers (and see a few that we went to school with and I haven't seen in years!), and meet her students!  I love you Jenn, and CONGRATULATIONS!  Only 6 more days to go!!!

Some cake pops!  These were a lot of fun to make, as I usually do cake pops in shapes/characters.  They are usually complicated and full of what feels like a bazillion steps, so it was nice to do these with fun drizzles and sprinkles!

An apple a day keeps a happy teacher at bay?!  I know baked goods usually do!  Aren't they CUTE?!  I love them!!!

All bagged and bowed and ready to go!

Last but not least...

Some pretty, all bagged up, homemade marshmallows!  YUM!
Here they all are, packaged and ready to go.  Love you Jenny!

Happy end of the school year to all of you teachers and students out there!!!



LOVE YOU TOO!! what a wonderful surprise that was! The kids loved seeing you and seeing the "human" side of me... LOL sometimes I think they think I live at school.
Your treats were amazing!! RAVED about amongst the staff and students. So proud of you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

For Any Occasion

um... and why aren't you a professional baker? these are GORGEOUS!!!

Lee-Anne and Graham

Thanks Ladies! I love you Jenn and you are more than welcome! Loved meeting your kids too! So fun!

And Shirley, I am in the middle of writing a business plan to start an at home bakery! I also have an interview at a bakery on Friday to supplement while I get the baking off the ground at home! Fingers crossed both endeavours go well! Thanks for the compliment too, it really means alot!


yeah these are really cute! Love the apple cookies!

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