Friday, June 17, 2011

Look how the gardens grow...

For weeks now, we have been trying to figure out at this new house, which plants in the garden are weeds, which are flowers and which are flowers disguised as weeds!  This week, some buds started to finally peek out, and I was excited to see if we would have flowers or "duds" (what I call weed flowers).  I was pleasantly surprised to come home from errands today to see these!!!  I don't know what they're called, but they're gorgeous!

We have been DYING for our herbs from Thailand to grow, but after we planted them the first time, and the squirrels ate them, we didn't have much hope for them to grow the second time around.  After mowing the lawn, I found such joy in the sprouts that are coming up now!!!  YAY!

Thai Basil!  It smells so licorice like and spicy, I can't wait for it to grow even more!

The sage, which we totally forgot about around the corner of the house!  It's grown so much now, it's flowering.  OOPS!

My favourite yet!  OUR BABY CORN!  It's finally growing!

We have to replant the tomatoes, the lemon basil, the flat leaf corriander and a few others...which might be too late, but can't wait to use these yummy treats!



I love watching things come up in the garden as well! I don't know how much we'll actually be able to eat, but it's fun to see it grow. Those flower look like peonies to me :)


I'm sorry the squirrels ate your herbs...i hope they left with fresh breath though :)

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