Sunday, June 19, 2011


Does anyone else find that when they bake/cook, they need something to inspire them?  You know, music, a catchy movie playing in the background, a beverage, an apron...etc?  I do! 

This weekend I realized that I NEED a cute apron.  Not just an apron, but a CUTE apron.  One that had ruffles, or fun print, or bright colours.  One that MUST have POCKETS.  When you bake often, you realize that pockets may be helpful!  One, for putting a towel in, and draping out of, so you can wipe your hands clean easily.  Two, for putting spoons, spatulas etc in, so you don't get batter/icing/butter/egg/sugar etc on the drawer handles.  A lastly, sometimes, just because I put my hands in my pockets to REALLY allow myself to think and contemplate issues/ideas while in mid project!

I went browsing for some cute aprons and found these pictures below.  Which one do you like best?  They are all TOO cute, but I can't have them all!

And lastly, this one from Etsy, just might be my favourite, but the pockets are at the side...!!!


Stephanie Mosselman

hello. i can make you an apron sister! full, half? colors? ruffles? pockets?

Danielle cousin bought a super cute vintage one in a second-hand store in Kensington Market - might want to try there for a touch of authenticity... and possibly a dash of old-fashioned baking inspiration woven into the fabric!

Lee-Anne and Graham

Thanks so much for the encouragement ladies!!!

And Stephanie: I am totally excited about that!

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