Sunday, June 5, 2011

A VERY hardworking husband!

I know that Graham would LOVE a deck.  He talks about it at least once a week and has multiple DIY books on how to build one (still not sure how I'd feel about HIM building a deck for us).  Our current patio will have to make do for now though.

We have been eyeing patio sets since we moved to the house, and are dying to use one, now that the days are getting brighter and warmer.  The only problem was, that our patio is an uneven, broken disaster!  We contemplated using a roller to see if it would even it out, or using cardboard under the table/chair legs, but we didn't want to be that ghetto!

So we decided to pull up the entire patio today, use a compactor to try to level out the ground and then relay the tiles (minus the really broken ones).  I have a hard time doing a lot of lifting, moving heavy things, so I stuck to using the shovel to get under the stones and prop them up so Graham could move them.  It was a crazy sight underneath with tree roots, old stumps and ant trails (no wonder it was uneven, there were three old tree stumps partly cut down underneath!

There were 40+ tiles to have to move in the end, so it was ALOT of hardwork!

After putting on my work shoes, and getting stuck in, things went a bit more quickly.  Graham is a BIG DIY fan, so he only wanted me to help with the tiles and then he wanted to do the rest himself.  What a man!  I can proudly say, it's almost done and there is not an injury in sight! 

My tools and the progress coming along!

Patio all dug up.  Really unlevel and so many roots/tree stumps, it was too hard to get completely level!  Graham put in so much work to try to get it's best though!

Patio as level as possible and almost back in!

Now to set up a patio set and have our dinners/weekends outside enjoying the garden/sunshine and each other!


For Any Occasion

It's great to have a DIY man around, ain't it? Jeff is in a destructive mood right now, so the front porch will be coming down, and the basement walls and floors will be ripped up potentially next weekend. I'll be the one taking pictures. :)

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