Saturday, June 18, 2011

I want s'more (some more...get it?! Ha!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was determined this weekend to make some homemade marshmallows!  I am a BIG marshmallow fan, as you can see from this old post.  I LOVE homemade marshmallows, and I love making them even more! They are surprisingly easy (to the point that I don't know why I ever BUY marshmallows), and you can make them in any colour/flavour you'd ever want/dream of!  My favourite are peppermint ones in the winter, and my summertime favourites are the good old classic vanilla, or lemon.

Here is the latest lovely treat.  They are pillowy puffs of deliciouness.  Homemade marshmallows melt in your mouth and have the most pleasing after taste.  It's such a nice change from a chemically tasting store bought one!  My kitchen aid stand mixer has been put to so much use this weekend, I *almost* feel like it might need a break for a day or two!  I also feel like I have done more dishes this week, than I have done the whole year so far!

Enjoy!  And if you come over sometime in the next week, or I happen to be coming your way, you just might have a special bag, all tied up and pretty with your name on it!

It starts out looking like a meringue, till you walk away and come back 10 mins later!

It becomes this super thick, really gooey, but creamy fluff!  I could have eaten the whole bowl!

Busted!  Graham wasn't innocent either, though!

All ready in the pan, and dusted with corn starch and icing sugar.  You have to let these sit overnight, and it was really hard not to dig in straight away!  They are also VERY hard to spread once you get them out of the bowl, so be ready with a lightly oiled spatula!

Delicious!!!  All done and ready to be bagged!  I totally forgot to take a photo of them bagged, but will try to add one later (or next time I make marshmallows, which will be soon!


For Any Occasion

Lee-Anne, with your love of food and baking (and cooking) it, it sounds like you were MADE to be a baker or chef. I think it's so great that you've found something you love doing so fully.

Lee-Anne and Graham

Thanks Shirley! It's fun to get creative isn't it! I love reading your blog and looking at your cards! It reminds me so much of my Mom, as she loves making cards as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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