Thursday, June 30, 2011

The National Portrait Gallery!

Today, was Graham's last day of business.  It was nice for him to be done and spend some down time together!  We decided to go to Founding Farmers for lunch, and as it was BEYOND incredibly delicious, and we wanted to go back again, this will be an entire post on its own!!!

Graham wanted to go to one of the Galleries/Museums with me, as I had seen so much on my own and he really needed some peace and quiet, with a little culture added in.  These are some of Graham's favourites from today!

Graham LOVED this weather vane!  It was dimly lit and made it all the more appealing!

The conductor and the giraffe were made entirely out of bottle caps!  I would love to have something like this in my house one day!

The tin man.  This reminded me of Wizard of Oz!!!

I took this for Kathryn and her love of Coke, and my love of Diet Coke!

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE!  I wish this was more clear...I am going to find it and blow it up for our kitchen!

These sayings, throughout the gallery, were some of our favourites!

A crazy painting of LL Cool J!

I loved the juxtaposition of this!  That and the general in the back really looks like Piers Morgan!  Weird Huh?!

The gallery hallways were so dark, yet eye catching.

Graham's favourite diningroom on display!  GORGEOUS!

I think this turned out to be a very "Forest Gump" like photo!  Random!

Our favourite tea set.  All Silver and back in the 1800's, I am sure it was EXTREMELY expensive.  It's fun to imagine who might have owned this one day!

My FAVOURITE!  I wish that I could still play the piano, or own this one day!

This was at the end of another dark and hallowed hall.  Intriguing.

some gorgeous stained glass roofing!

The cafeteria hallways!  I don't know of ANY cafeteria that is this beautiful!

The garden in the Centre of the two galleries. Gorgeous and serene!


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