Friday, July 1, 2011

The day our camera died!

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!!  We totally forgot about it, until Jesse mentioned it to us this morning!  Oops!

Today was a very fun day for us!  We met up with Jesse, one of my best friends from University, to tour around Georgetown again (Graham hadn't been here yet), and to meet up with his wife, Helen, as well, for lunch.  We didn't take any photos this morning, or at lunch, and sadly, we don't have one single photo of us all together.  How did we forget that?!  Guess we have to get together again ASAP!

Anyways, today ended up being a SUPER "foodie" day.  We had lunch at this amazing Ethiopian restaurant, which was a first for us!  We were not sure what was going to grace our table, but we were excited to try something else new!  We decided on sharing platters, and EVERY SINGLE ITEM ON IT, was DELICIOUS!  Sad, that we don't have any photos of it.  We would recommend anyone tries it, and we especially enjoyed the lentils and chicken! 

Thanks Helen and Jesse, it was a great meal and you were great company!  Please come visit us soon!

We then spent the day cycling around the Jefferson Memorial and the F.D.R. memorial.  Sadly, 5 photos in, our camera battery died, so there are not too many photos, and none of the F.D.R, which we loved.  We rented bikes from the "Capital Bikeshare" program, which is really cool.  You can rent a bike at over 50 spots throughout the city and drop them off at any other one.  All without dealing with a person!  CRAZY!  The memorial was really nice to see by bike!

We then finished the night with eating at Founding Farmers AGAIN!  Graham fell in love with it last night, and we waited an hour to get back in again tonight!  Our camera was dead, but I took my phone out with us to take some photos tonight, along with my small camera.  I will blog about this Sunday, as Graham loved it so much AGAIN, he made a reservation for Saturday night too!  OH DEAR!


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