Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chocolate Whoopie Pies!!!

I often get requests from Graham's co-workers for their "treat of the week".  They know that on Fridays of the weeks that I am not too busy, I tend to bake a new item and they become my "taste testers".  Once and awhile, Graham gets people popping into his office, telling him to thank me, and that it was a GREAT combo, or their favourite thing that they've eaten in ages, or my favourite compliment so far...

"That was almost orgasmic".

That would be the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes with a Peanut Butter Cream Cheese frosting.  YOU.ARE.WELCOME.  This lovely lady, is also that lady who ordered the Harry Potter cupcakes for the party at Chapters.

I tend to think that Graham LOVES the bonus points that it gets him with his boss and co-workers, but I am happy to do something for my hard-working husband and his co-workers!  I need someone to test them for me, and most of our friends and family don't live close enough.  He said that one lady at work sighs when he walks in with a box of goodies, asking him to stop doing it, while sneaking one out of the box everytime.  "I can't resist", she says.

This week, banana peanut butter cupcakes have graced the office, mostly because Graham's boss has been having a few hard weeks with his Dad being unwell and he mentioned that his favourite thing growing up was a peanut butter and banana sandwich.  He's a big fan of treats with his coffee, so why not do something to brighten his day?!

Today though, it's Chocolate Whoopie pies!  I know it's not a Friday, but I like to throw them off on occasion!  I had to bake a small order of them, and didn't feel like halving the recipe, so lucky them!

Please, please come visit soon, as I have to do some new samples for Timothy's and I think Graham's co-workers might KILL ME SOON, if I keep dropping off baked goods at the office!  That and Graham REALLY doesn't need anymore samples (he feels it's his right to try EVERYTHING that comes out of the kitchen!).

Here they are, so pretty and yummy!  And if you haven't ever had one before, think Joe Louis (but homemade and WAY better), or a ding dong like cake with a twinkle like filling.  Fluffy cake, fluffy filling and not sweet like icing!  YUM!

All baked and beautiful, with creme filling ready to go!

Filled, decorated and ready to eat!  YUMMY!


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