Thursday, July 21, 2011

Warning, laughter that will cause lots of tears and gut ache!!!

I had a blog ready all about making, homemade granola... a star in it's own right.  Did you know that most store bought granola has more sugar in it than a CANDY BAR?  Disgusting!  Put it down, throw it out and eat a Mars bar instead, it has less sugar AND calories!!!

I was about to post all about it, with a recipe included, but I came across a blog post tonight, that had Graham and I laughing so hard, we were CRYING!  I was sent this post by a friend and just about died!  Please enjoy, but I will warn you, that there are a 2 captions that have a swear word.  Sorry.  It's not my thing either, but this blog post is just too hilarious!

Let me know what you think!

And's your lesson now: PICK YOUR BATTLES!!!

The Blogess



yes, I am lol-ing. That roosters badass

Lee-Anne and Graham

Heidi! I was dying! Graham and I have this conversation about towels, toilet paper and shampoo all the time!

For Any Occasion

This is SUCH an awesome post! Jeff (who is playing WOW upstairs) was wondering why I was laughing. He wasn't so interested as to come down and read it himself, but I'll get him to read it later. I've also posted it on my facebook page. :) Thanks for sharing. Love Beyonce! lol

For Any Occasion

Hey! I was going through that blog, and she posted about Beyonce again in another post, right here:

Lee-Anne and Graham

Shirley! I read that too before I went to bed! I love her humour and read some more last night too! Like this one:

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