Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things bought to inspire!

Today, it felt like I had left the house for the first time in weeks (other than to buy groceries, go to the bakery, or run to the Bulk Barn!)!!!  It was so nice to get out and see what my favourite stores had in stock, to inspire some new baking projects!  I wanted to get some new (FUN) sprinkles, some sugar dust, some natural flavourings and a cookbook or two (I love to read recipes and they SERIOUSLY play around with them to make them "better"- in my eyes/taste).  Winners and Homesense, often have some REALLY good, cheap cookbooks, often carrying "big chef" cookbooks on clearance!  YAY!

So today, I went hunting.  It was SO much fun, and I got a lot of GREAT stuff!  I also put in a BIG order of stuff through Joanne's fabric, to ship to my amazing friend Kristin in Michigan.  They had a big Wilton sale, and we plan to head out there in September.  No, I don't want to wait that long, but I we can't get there sooner, and I *need* all of the fun things ordered!

Like these:

and these (in honour of my friend Sundee, who I made my first cake pops for 2 years ago):

I had some HUGE success at Homesense, as they had shimmer sugar on clearance!!! MY KIND OF DAY!  I wish that I found these in silver and white...but I was happy to find: green, red, purple and blue!!!!!

I couldn't pass on alphabet and number cookie cutters for $10!!!!  I don't know when I will use them next, but with each cookie cutter, usually being $1.50-4 in a store, it was a steal.  And it came in this SUPER cute package!!!!

I also found this GREAT ice cream sprinkle set, which I think I will use to make whoopie pies (in honour of our friend Julie H.!):

Then, it was onto Winners and Marshalls to see what they had (by this point, I should have stopped, but I was too giddy).  I wanted to find any cookbooks on clearance...and THAT I DID!   I found Jamie Oliver's: Food Revolution (for $9!), Jamie Oliver's: Cook with Jamie (for $8!) and THIS:

Umm, that's giong to be dangerous!  Now before you go thinking, we eat fried stuff here, we DON'T.  Graham won't touch it!  But what this book DID have, was A LOT of ideas for meat/veggie/fruit ideas on a stick (come on over for some very yummy appetizer meals!).

Lastly, I couldn't leave without these:

There MIGHT be some OREO marshmallows coming out of this kitchen, soon!!!

And these were too cute!  Good thing I didn't look for shoes today, or I might have spent a fortune!!! (It's great that sprinkles are between $2-6 and can make my day!!!)

Last, but not least...anyone who knows me, has lived with me, worked with me, or gotten homemade Christmas gifts from me, KNOWS that I am the brittle, chocolate bark and truffle girl!  I was THRILLED to find this book today, on clearance for $2!!!!!!!!!!!!  It has a few creations that I have been making for years, and a few new ideas as well (like a chocolate chili and cherry bark!!!!).

So that was my FUN day!  Can't wait for someone to order something fun, so that I can start to decorate!!!


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