Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Playdate with Cole!

I got to have a very special playdate with Cole today, which really made my day!  It was a last minute request to his parents, and they were happy to oblige!  I could only take him for the morning, but it was such a GREAT time, although TOO short!  He has changed SO much and it breaks my heart not to be apart of that everyday anymore.  I miss both him and Cayenne immensely, but getting frequent updates, really warms my heart!

Cole has started speaking in sentences, and has HUGE words in his vocabulary!  It makes me so happy to hear and see this!  We spent a lot of time "talking" and singing, which was so cute!  He is AMAZING at the alphabet, and wanted me to keep singing, whenever we were in the car together!  He kept asking where Graham was, and when I told him that he was at work, he looked sad.  We tried to give a call to him, but "he was not there", as Cole said, although he got VERY excited at first, when his voice came on the answering machine!  He'd have the phone to his ear and say, "Hello!  NOT THERE.  Venture (adventure) with Lee-Anne.  Bye".  SO CUTE!

We had a fun filled morning, and it was impossible not to break my heart many times this morning!  The hardest part was dropping him off at daycare!  I don't know how you all do it!  The second I parked up, he was already crying.  He kept repeating, "No school.  Venture with Lee-Anne.  Plllleeease.  Don't go.  Please."  All while crying.  I got his bag out of the car, took him in my arms, and he clung onto my neck, the whole 30 second walk to the door.  I tried to pass him onto the daycare worker, and he clung on, throwing his arms around me again.  I handed him over, and I had to leave with tears in my eyes, as all I kept hearing was crying and, "Come back Lee-Anne.  Miss you.  Venture.  Come baaaaack.  Don't go.  Lee-Annnnnnnnnnneeeeeee!  Come baaaaaack!" 

Broke. My. Heart.  Man, I miss him!  I happened to see Cayenne on my way out, and she didn't recognize me (I had a sad feeling that would happen).  I gave her a hug and a kiss and when she pulled away, she gave me a little half smile and quizzical look, so maybe there was a little bit of knowing who I was...

Onto the fun stuff!  We played outside, at the park along the lake, until it rained.  We then took off to the indoor play centre!  It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to do it again!


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