Sunday, July 24, 2011

Do you always see eye 2 eye?

Oh, furniture.  It's something that I am NOT A FAN OF SHOPPING FOR!  I love to see houses all done up and pretty, but getting there can be SO MUCH WORK! 

Our house is mostly all settled in regards to furniture, but since we moved in, we have been looking for 2 key pieces...with ZERO success.  We thought that we were getting CLOSE, but nope. 

I am DYING to have a BIG, oversized reading chair for the corner on the main floor, and Graham would like more of a Chaise lounge type of chair.  We don't normally see eye to eye when it comes to decorating, style or colours, so it has been an interesting experience so far.  He has so far found a GRANDMA style chaise lounge, that doesn't  match the house, our other furniture, and was the ugliest chair I have seen in ages!  HA!  I found one that I LOVED, which has some brown in it, matching our house and couch!  However, since Graham has found a chaise chair, he feels that he can find a good one somewhere, that will beat my favourite chair!

Here's my favourite chair.  Now to convince Graham that nothing will beat it! HA!