Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows!!!!!!

I sit here, staring at the BEAUTIFUL yellow roses Graham got me, thinking about how I have never gotten yellow roses and I don't know why...realizing they are so beautiful and really make a room and person feel SO HAPPY.

Today, there are LOTS of things making me feel SO HAPPY. SO OVERWHELMED.  SO FULL OF JOY.  SO FLABERGASTED...but the biggest one is...

THEY SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right!!!!  You read that right!  THEY SAID YES!!!!!  I went to the bakery this morning to discuss cost of goods, suppliers and all the nitty gritty stuff...and when I asked the owner if she heard anything, she said:

"I heard 30 minutes into their meeting/tasting!  They said that they love them, they want them, and they want them yesterday.  Sorry that I didn't have your number on me to call, but I knew you were coming in today."

I stood there, trying my hardest NOT to CRY in front of her (i'm proud, I made it outside the door 15 minutes later, but I must have looked weird to anyone else, as I had this huge smile, with HUGE tears), while I listened to/talk with her about my/our options! 


Basically, as it's a big company, things will take time to get moving, we need to figure out more cost, I need to do some time at the bakery (she wants to train me to help with their stuff as well!!!), and we need to iron out quite a few details (franchisee tasting, getting them into the first 40 stores and then the rest if possible, supply/warehouse companies etc. etc. etc.).  It looks like in the meantime, I will put in some hours at the bakery and work alongside (NOT UNDER!) her and her other (OTHER!) lead baker!

As I sit here, quite emotional and speechless still, I would like to say this: My parents raised us to believe that we could do ANYTHING that we put our minds to.  Anything.  It didn't matter if we were educated in it, a straight "A" student, or taught ourselves...we could do ANYTHING if we worked hard and wanted it badly enough.  I could never be where I sit today, without them pushing us to do the best (or better than the best) than we can.  I sure put up a HUGE fight sometimes, but I never and will never forget this!  So thanks Mom and Dad, I owe you so much for every life lesson you taught us!

I am not sure what the next steps are, other than to wait for her to call me tomorrow with arrangements for what my work there will look like, but I know that I AM GOING TO TAKE MY HUSBAND out to celebrate this VERY momentus occasion!  He has been such a HUGE support to me while I take on this new endeavour!  He has been my taste tester (I don't even have to ask, he just BEGS to eat anything that comes out of this kitchen now), my shoulder to cry on (you know, when I'm tired, my back aches, my cupcakes implode, my cake pop cracks for no reason at all), and a HUGE financial support (while waiting for me to work and to help do costing/business stuff for me).  I love you so much, and am so grateful for having you beside me, while our lives change!

So, today, I am in shock, and in disbelief, as I never thought this, or anything like this could be possible.  I am so thankful for all of the frustrated prayers that I have prayed, not knowing where life would take me/us.  I am so thankful that prayers have been answered to be able to have the strength in my body to keep having the adventures that we have been having lately in life and work!

Here's to what tomorrow, this week, this month, this year, this new career will bring!  And here's to a bucket list dream that I have had for years...and bucket list dream that I never thought could or would come true!



One more thing... "Never give up on your hopes and dreams." Always look forward with eager and open eyes and mind knowing that God is there beside if you but trust in him! You can do anything you set your mind to as long as you know and understand that you might fail several times before you succeed! Just look at what people like Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Sir Issac Newton etc did and where we are now!
Love Mom and Dad

Lee-Anne and Graham

Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you too!

Couldn't have accomplished half as much without your love and encouragement! I hope to be half the parents you are one day!

Love you and can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend!


LEE!!! .. That is AMAZING news!!!! Congrats to yoU!!! and Graham to of course .. but YAY!!!! DOUBLE YAY!!!!! ... Good luck, I wish you all the best with your new career and hope to see you soon!!!!!

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