Friday, July 22, 2011

Harry Potter Catch up!

So, let me start off with a little disclaimer:

I thought I saw all of the Harry Potter movies... but I didn't.  Kind of not even close.  Oops!  Kathryn, DON'T kill me now!

Graham and I wanted to see all the HP movies again, before we go and see the last one.  Mostly just to refresh our memories, but also because I thought that I hadn't seen the first one and IT'S THE END OF AN ERA! (FRIENDS anyone???)

So, off I went to Blockbuster this week to rent as many of them as I could.  They only had the first 4, so I picked up those, hoping we'd have some date nights this week.  I mean, why not, IT WAS HOT HOT HOT OUT!

After watching the first 4, I came to realize that I had only seen 1 of them!  AHH!  Don't stop being my friend, please!  I don't know why I hadn't, other than growing up in a family where magic wasn't really something we watched, believed in or payed attention to.  Maybe, because I was also in COLLEGE when these came out, or travelling the world.  I know that I have seen 5, 6 and 7 Part I, as Graham and I saw those yearly on a date, wherever we were in the world together.

So there, i admitted it!  I hadn't seen all of the HP movies, but now, apart from the last one, I have!  I enjoyed them all, expect for the 3rd one (that was weird!!!), and now they all make so much more sense to me!

Now to see the next 3 this week, followed by HP 7 Part II next weekend!


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