Sunday, July 3, 2011

Memorials at night!!!

Washington is beautiful.  By Saturday night, Graham and I were walking around, feeling very sad to be leaving.  We felt like we belonged here, and could EASILY live here.  It was a strange feeling, as we haven't really felt like we "belonged" anywhere in years.  It is a perfect mix of great restaurants, culture, things to do for free and cheap, theatre, architecture and little neighbourhoods at every corner.  We kept trying to compare it's architecture and feel to London, England, but we felt like it was more well rounded and peaceful here.

Numerous times throughout our week here, we found ourselves sitting along the National Mall at night.  This was either to cool down, to relax and get off our feet, or just enjoy the views.  Graham and I got a big tripod as a wedding gift, so we were excited to try it out and take some fun photos!

This city is REALLY powerful at night.

The White House at night.

Some creative shots at the Washington Monument!

The WWII Memorial.

One of my favourite unique shots that Graham took!

The Lincoln Memorial.  Graham's favourite, mostly because of a Simpson's episode!  Oh dear!

Graham playing with the shutter speed, making "ghosts" appear!  Fun!

And again, crazy huh?!

I love my husband, and how his creativity is coming out in his photography!

It is SO beautiful along the National Mall at night.  It's a definite must see/do!


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